Dong Nai: 7 Projects / Starting Ideas Overcome The Round

In 23 projects / Ideas of Dong Nai Provincial Festival participated in the contest 'Women who started up the brand of Ocop brands' this year there were 7 projects / ideas pass the preliminary round. The fourth bamboo soul sentenced to the fourth party with the theme "Women started up the brand of the brand of Ocop products" of the contest continued to bring the opportunity and create momentum for women of all regions, for An attempt to rise to economic development, demonstrate its capacity and role. The organizers have received 1,549 project proposals / contest ideas. Through the preliminary round, there are 320 projects / qualified ideas, the selected criteria. Nguyen Thi Hong Quyen introduces the product of a pomelo orange specialties to reach 3 stars ocop level in 23 projects / The idea of Dong Nai Province of LHUs introduced to participate in this year's competition, there are 7 projects / ideas over the preliminary round, including: Vietnam's bamboo soul project of Ms

. Tran Thi Thuy (TP. Bien Hoa); The project puts a safe cat mushroom products close to Vietnamese consumers of Ms. Dao Ngoc Hong Thanh (Thong Nhat District); Project of production chain production - associated with processing and consumption of pomelos orange specialties of Tan Trieu specialty in Dong Nai hometown of Ms
Nguyen Thi Hong Quyen (Vinh Cuu district); Nguyen Lam Thanh Hien's 360-degree interactive online event project (TP. Bien Hoa); Project of production, farming, makes lingzhi mushrooms in the direction of high technology of Ms. Doan Thu Ha (TP. Long Khanh); Phu Cuong High-Tech Cooperative Project of Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Fresh (Cam My District) and Snack of Nhat Ha Grapefruit Snack of Nguyen Trong Nhat Ha (TP. Bien Hoa). The fake of projects / Italy The idea was organized by the Vietnam Women's Union for 2 days to complete his project / idea plan and participated in the next rounds. It is expected that the competition finals will be held in November 2021 in Hanoi. In Hanoi, Dong Nai has 10 projects / ideas to participate in the Start-up Women's Competition organized by the Vietnam Women's Union. There are two high-prize projects of the contest as Cao An An Hoa Project - From the farm to Hoang Thi Kim Anh's product (An Hoa Hung Cooperative, TP
Bien Hoa) won the prize and prize Increase value for businesses; Project of processing lotus products of Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Le (Truong Phat Agricultural Service Cooperative, Nhon Trach district) won the prestress. The products of these 2 projects have a 3-star and 4-star OCOP product certification.

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