Dong Nai Prepares To Receive Patients From Ho Chi Minh City

On July 14, Professor, Dr. Tran Van Thuan, Vice Minister of Health has led the Ministry of Health inspection teams to work with Dong Nai province on treatment of Covid-19.02: 00/1: 45 domain Male Working the Ministry of Health works with Dong Nai Province. At the meeting, the Vice Minister of Health Tran Van Thuos asked Dong Nai to immediately set up 100 beds to treat heavy patients Covid-19 at two General Hospitals Deer, unified general. Synthesizing the demand for equipment and human resources to be missing to the Ministry of Health to support the Ministry of Health soon

. The Ministry of Health also proposed that Dong Nai health sector plans to prepare additional pale hospitals to be able to collect treatment At least 5,000 patients with Covid-19. At the same time, prepare to support patients receiving patients for Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces in the region when disease complex; Strengthening coordination forces to perform well traces, managing isolation and treatment facilities. According to Dong Nai Province Health Department, from the beginning of the 4th epidemic to 14/7, the whole province recorded Get 520 cases
Although compared to some neighboring localities, the number of cases of Dong Nai is lower, but the potential is very high because in the area has about 1.2 million workers, many inns. Coming this time , Treatment capacity of Dong Nai province is 1,500 beds. In the case of more complex moving translations, the locality will mobilize some facility to make a picnic hospital to treat Covid-19. However, the difficulty of Dong Nai is now a pretty thin, full medical force The province only has about 8,000 health workers who are tattered to prevent epidemics and have some employees infected with Covid-19.Hai hospitals are rushing to complete 100 beds of heavy patients, but missing Many machines, especially breathing machines and human resources. Health chief of Tran Van Thuan inspection at Dong Nai General Hospital. Before that, Vice Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan and the Work Delegation examined the active situation Dynamic, facilities at the Covid-19 Panic Hospital Treatment No. 2 in Dong Nai province located at Facility 3, Lac Hong University; Dong Nai General Hospital and Unified General Hospital.

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