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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) After a perfect season in Ligue 1 appeared a new debate when there are underground forces 'Bao' Navas goalkeeper makes the best player Euro 2020 Donnarumma abrasive The Costa Rica Keelr Navas caught itself in PSG thanks to the support of the South American players like Lionel Messi, who was a victim of one of the cracks emerged when he started this season in Paris. But Messi is not the only "preserving". Italians add that Navas is included in the South American player group including Angel Di Maria, Paredes, Marquinhos, Neymar and now Messi anti-back. Meanwhile, young goalkeeper Donnarumma has just been chosen as "euro 2020", now is only the second choice. Italian subject Gianluigi Donnarumma has been affected about it

. He only arrested two of the 9 strengths that PSG played this season. The remaining 7 games are for Kylor Navas. Coach Mauricio Pochettino said he did not biased any goalkeeper, and would choose the caught by the time
Messi and the South American player group favored Navas goalkeeper than General Donnarumma. Photo: CGI.Pochettino Express: "Navas and Donnarumma are very excellent, even during the regular training session. It is difficult to choose who will catch himself, but I'm glad to be ready. My decision is ready. Will depend on many factors ". After Euro 2020 successfully, Gianluigi Donnarumma's name is more noticeable. After leaving AC Milan, he moved to an ambitious parking station PSG. At the yard" the park Prince ", Italian goalkeeper is expected to become the main name. But this journey is challenging the player born in 1999
It is the moment, Donnarumma has only 180 minutes. PSG. Simple coach Mauricio Pochettino still attaches great importance to KeelR Navas and spend regular time for the former Real Madrid star. This means the new PSG contract to sit .Donnarumma feels dissatisfied with the situation His current in PSG. He wants to play more but that aspirations haven't come true. Young talent has shown unseptics with one The number of old friends and teammates and affirmed that he should have played a more prominent role after winning the best player of Euro 2020. Euro 2020 was disappointed because not the main temple guards in PSG . Photo: CGI.The news from internal, why Navas still became the number 1 guard by the influence in the locker room. The Costa Rica goalkeeper can create good relationships with teammates, this is what Donnarumma cannot do because it is just a rookie. Italian goalkeeper has just champion Europe with the national team, which is one of the great rookies coming to PSG, along with Messi or Sergio Ramos. However, at the moment, Donnarumma has not been confirmed my position. The 22-year-old goalkeeper has just arrived in Paris, with the excessive praise of the representative Mino Raiola: "Donnarumma won't need to compete with Navas. My client will catch it righteously". in. Currently, Raiola has taken into account the possibility of bringing Donnarumma back to Italy in the summer of 2022. Juventus is a better destination, when they want to replace Wojciech Szczesny. The problem is that goalkeeper Poland is receiving a salary of 7 million euros after tax, and his contract has three years to expire. Juventus needs to find a new park for Szczesny before recruiting Donnarumma.Huy posted

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