Donored Divorce, I’m Happy To Have Two Children

What I fear most before the divorce was not raised both of them, but that didn't happen, I was still raised two children ... 0: 00/2: 09 Nouthern male kissing for 5 years Husband divorced, there are many reasons for us to go to the decision to stop in this marriage, but perhaps the most important reason is that he is not fondir with me. Living with his wife and children, but he still has Relationships with many other women, even if I have children with me, even if I know and ask you to stop, but I can't do it

. Many times the two argue, he also beat me, because I think I intervened too deeply into his own life. I didn't have to decide to divorce, the first time, I'm also afraid you are not Italy, or in agreement, I will give me the right to raise me, just let me feed 1, or may not be able to feed anyone, because my economic condition is not equal to you, I don't have a house, Because we finished marriage, we were still living in the house on his parents. But those things I worried didn't happen, he didn't gain me to raise me, accepting the money for me to raise me a way Comfortable
Probably because, he had another woman, they wanted to marry to live together, so he could not fight for me. Moreover, he is like me, feeling our marriage if prolonged will be no different from hell, so ending is the best way for both of us and children. I breathed a sigh of relief because it was nearly 2 years of divorce, the lives of 3 mother my children were struggling, seemingly difficult to overcome, but then with persistence, effort every day and The love of a mother for the children, I have overcome those days of hard days without resulting in blame. Now, the big child has been 6 years old, she is 4 years old, the life is better A lot, because the children already know themselves, do some personal things without their mother. My big child knows how to help her mother looks too much. It is not bad, especially when the marriage doesn't bring happiness to two people, it will not be able to bring happiness to their children. Try to hold marriage for yourself, my family is sinful with yourself and your child. So I didn't choose to hide with everyone I was divorced, because of me, it was the beginning of something new in front of the front.

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