Don’t Drama Anymore, ‘rome’ Tired!

Although he was extremely difficult, no one dared to react to him. Why? Because he made money, a lot of money. The most fastidden person in this house is not her husband's husband. Well, I saw humans or saying that she had a long time without anyone took it, it would make the system a little bit so hard to be like ghosts. She was two true that there was a bit of "lag" operating system but it was not so much that no one could stand it to the point that no one could stand it but everyone still had to try to bear it

. ! You are really hard to. His dyspecution loses its up into a mammepy, noticing, considering the most small things in the house. He was born, he was when he was determined to divorce with the cheeks to follow the voice Call of love
I don't know if you have heard about a certain man when they run out of love. I have no idea of choping, but live a few years in this world, using this very objective cat's eyes to look at, I noticed that, when all kinds of humanity would be unconsciously dry. His prosperity is whether or his wife and children, he is still casually a tenderfoot of the melon into a small mistress house to be able to meet its affection, caress, protect her. Knowing his wife is carrying his third child's abdomen but he is still ready to ride all four mother and children out of the house without knowing how tomorrow they will live dead. Alone with no house, no relatives, no money in the middle of the land of Hanoi bon is enough. That's why the people they have said their cheeks, their cheeks are not their husbands for another woman to swallow. Because of quite complicated circumstances at that time, he was sent to his grandparents Foreign. It must be said that the ideology two generations separated by two generations, it is difficult to reconcile and don't say it to three generations. Therefore, nearly twenty years living with the elders, he three despite a young, but there was a strict lifestyle of the old people once. - This unconscious game is definitely Mr
Duy . I can't understand why how can you go to the toilet to go everywhere? Already unfortunately, I don't know how to hold a broom onto it? Do you believe it? Weeks I have to be deaf-hearted with you three with you all because of the general toilet but have no consciousness. But it was difficult to understand, suppose if I was reminded about not to fill the sand, I had to be ashamed of leaving losing. Yet, you don't, you like you like to say, the ears and my mouths are self-speaking and listen to yourself. At any way, she was tomorrow at home, she would move on him, and no, he would invite him to enjoy it. Which must wait for the mother to put the bowl to get a bowl. Which is leaving the chopsticks down to be scooped up. Sometimes the whole house will be startled by the voice of he told him because the chopsticks in the middle of the Bat of the Ut.Nat's bowl. Also, he said extremely strict with his son. Come to think of again, the boy sometimes enjoys the advocacy of his "leather belt" to act on his butt from his uncle's hand is more than from his father's hand. Bao is hello, there are days about playing that it greeted him to take over under dozen times that the whole family was funny and funny. I felt the most strangely, the boy sucked all the day I was afraid of me Really but it is very gentleman. Every time I want to see you don't see it, it will ask a day until her mother came to pick up. Previously when he had not been abandoned by his wife, each time his ex-wife saw her husband to treat her hyperactive son, casually sat looking, sometimes adding some questions to teach his children to teach him . Hieu - his assistant followed after a blink of everyone without shooting at the lake face pretending to be peaceful, and it woke up as a tsunami. The house is peaceful, don't be wild! Ask it to know, today must meet an important partner, but he gathered the most polite of mankind but all the three decided Heaven together. Partners want to buy a luxury apartment but love claims to ask him himself to welcome himself. OK! Mr. Ba is not the full-style boss, always happy in harmony, the customer is God. Full of mud on a new wooden floor. He smoked and waved up the beautiful glass cup with a stamp in the bar. More terressors, he still stood outside the balcony spitting indiscriminately from the 21st floor. Three went to the severe psychology! Finally, the contract was relieved by him to the trash. His assistant panicked to clean the ruins with the desire to save the love but he was three

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