Don’t Give These 3 Things When The Bone Tunnel, The Water Will Be Less Delicious, Lose Taste

Wanting fresh fragrant water, the bone tunnel is extremely important, otherwise the loss of nutrients and taste is less delicious.02: 00/1: 47 south when the bone tunnel to get water, people often use bones Pigs, ribs ... If not properly handled, the water will have dark brown, fishy, damage the pot of soup

. In particular, if you arbitrarily add random ingredients, it will cause meat to become tough, water is not fragrant. Some people think, the more spice when the bone tunnel is the faster, this will be delicious, this is wrong. Each type of material has different taste, spices cannot like to put it on, the wrong combination will damage the pot of water
Here is 3 things that should not be put on when the bone tunnel: 1. Why not give pepper when the bone tunnel? Although pepper with spicy smells, when adding dishes will make the taste increase significantly. However, if giving pepper when the bone tunnel, it will overwhelm the natural aroma of the water, then only the smell of spicy pepper. In addition, the pepper when cooking in the water will produce colored substances, Making water is no longer inside, the quality of meat also changes when it is penetrated. Tea paint (hawthorns) Some people heard that, if adding a little tea painting on the bone tunnel, especially beef will make meat fast, because the paint of tea contains enzyme lipase. However, fruits Son Tra is not suitable for tunnels with pork, because it contains many organic acids, which will cause pork to become sour, which is no longer fragrant, the taste is not delicious. Wine Cooking Cooking is a familiar spicy to deodorize the fish, but when the bone tunnel should not give it. Before the bone tunnel, you can bone with a little wine cooking, causing the taste to become more delicious. However, if the wine cooks when the bone tunnel, it will make the water to have a strange smell Cannot evaporate when covering. When not covering the closed lid, the natural fresh taste of the meat will be lost
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