Don’t Turn Yourself Into A Follower: A Profound Lesson About Jealousy

The Great Van Hao of France is Victor Hugo once saying a sentence like this: 'People with a jealousy mind are very sad'. Buddha's classics also have a question: 'Bi Ai biggest of life is jealous'. The jealousy is so big that it is easy to make people crazy and there are missing actions, the ending of pushing itself into the abyss, harming himself, sadly! 0: 00/3: 51 South Vietnam The story is about two eagles and a hunter: 2 eagles, a flying child very quickly, and a fly is very slow. Eagle flying slowly feels uncomfortable, jealousy jealousy with eagle flying fast. One time, the eagle fly slowly told the hunter that: The front has a eagle fly very quickly, please use the bow Lower it; Hunters say: - Okay, but my arrow lacks a feather, can you spit one for me? The eagle flew slowly said: - Okay, just shoot it, a feather is worthy What to say

. Saying it, it spitted a feather and gave a hunter. The hunter was tied to the name and installed the name, stretching the bow, aimed at the eagle flying quickly and shot, but didn't hit, because That eagle flew high. The hunter negotiated with the eagle flying slowly: - Alone any further fur? The eagle flew slowly agreed, it spited another feathers awarded to the hunter
But this time, there was no hit. At that, each arrow shot, the eagle slowed down in turn spitting his feathers. Come when the eagle flies slowly with all the hair on her body, the hunter has not yet shot hit the eagle to fly quickly. The eagle fly slowly now the whole body has been bald, it was unable to fly anymore. At this moment, the hunter smiled and told him, there was a unknown eagle flying here, then what we had to work hard to shoot the eagle to fly quickly in the sky? The story shows us that the person who is harmful is to harm themselves. What hurt the eagle to fly slowly, making it all the hair of yourself? The main reason is from jealousy jealousy, when he saw a higher-flying eagle, flying faster than he was unbearable, losing their reason to spit his hair. Come on hypnastics who doubt who doubt is to grave a burial grave. That is the disaster because the mind is born. The Balzac is said: the person who is jealous is more suffering than any unfortunate person, by the happiness of others plus his unhappiness to make me Suffering is many times more times. You need to learn thanks
We try to think, see the elite, excellent people, why are we unhappy, it is the nature of the wrong demon, not the first Luong Luong in the person we start. Therefore, we always have to know ourselves, you are happy on the joy of others, so we will be more happier than many times. Why is the eagle now not shot down? Because it flew very high, when he was above high, it was not fear of harm, not afraid of others to control and calm but safely. In life If we want to overcome the circumstances and those who disrupt themselves, we need efforts, constantly sublimation, advance to a new height. It's because of yourself. I will be yours , what's not yourself, don't try it, people believe that I can get everything of others. The ancient people believe in fate, entering a German karma, so anyone has more advantage than others because they have eaten well. "Organic courses are common, the courage is forced", ie in the destiny, it will eventually have, in the destiny, not tolerate. People will since absence to reduce the envy, jealousy and advise each other to work well to be happy to be reported. The ancient beliefs all direct people to the good, but an expression of Thien is to put themselves Go to the position of others, think for others. So, in the "Suspension of Proverbs", Emperor Khang Hy wrote: "In the case of behavior, people need to see any others can be given excited, when seeing others lost What should be given to feeling. This is a good thing to do. Jealousy jealousy before other people achieved, delighted before the failure of others, are bad minds, evil ".theo

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