Don’t Want To Marry But Spicy Because Lovers Go To Wife

When you heard the school is about to get married, you feel more spicy than it because you're going to lose a lover.0: 00/1: 22 nuoc minh minh minh thatrong 2 years loves each other between me and the school is quite warm, Thuan. However, when he raised the problem to marriage, I protested because she felt unadvertently ripened, not enough confident enough. Many times he said I gave a specific reason, I couldn't speak it but I definitely Do not marry. Then the two of them seemed to be faded

. However, I still nated that I still love me, can only get me so it is almost surrendered. Once, he informed me that he was about to get a wife with 2 reasons: This she honestly wanted to build his home and his family did not want to wait any longer. At this time, I was shocked, just suffering, just spicy owl
I tormented him and decided not to accept. Luu Hoang Lan (Bac Ninh) Dear Royal Lan! Perhaps, you're not really love school. When he loves each other for 2 years, he is earnest to the marriage that you insist. Time 2 you bland together, you have a surrounding attitude that makes the school think you no longer loves him anymore. When you heard the school is about to get married, you feel more likely to lose people love. The school also had an error when he didn't talk frankly, afforded with you before coming to another daughter. Now he could not step back when the dumbness of the family was decided, when the girl loved and true Want to be his wife. The best way is to accept the truth that backs to let them be happy.

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