Douban ‘thien Long Bat Bo 2021’: Thanks To Bach Le, Lam Chi Dinh Was Posted On The Goods

After releasing on August 14, 'Thien Long Bat Bo 2021' immediately stumbled up the opposite opinion of the Douban audience from the modifier to forming and acting actors.0: 00/3 : 20 South Vietnam Bat Bo 2021 is undertaken by director Vu Vinh Quang. He is a Chinese rice martial arts star. His name is associated with the role of Vu Vu classics in the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia. Actors get this new version "Select the Golden Sender" are new faces such as Van Bay San, Duong Huu Ninh, Bach Do , Truong Thien Duong, Ha Hoang San

... When the film delegation announced this cast, there were many audiences who showed concerns because of the appearance from the appearance to acting, young faces will be very difficult to compare With the classic version in 2003 by Ho Quan, Lam Chi Dinh, Luu Yifei, Luu Dao undressed
Even so, fans of Dai Van Hao Kim Dung still hopes that, director Vu Vinh can create Out of charge, successfully followed the 1997 and 2003 versions before. However, perhaps the concerns of the audience were "loud" after Thien Long Bat Bo 2021 unveiled the first episodes. The most "stoned" in the film must mention the union undertake. With immature acting, Bach Do not exudes a mineral and honest union. On the contrary, Bach Guan brought a silly, ostentative and trivial union. Not only that, the group to attend 2021 also caused antisperleness when created a bonus with a bonus with an earpiece and a feminine hairstyle. Bach Le creates a different union with the image of the "unhappy appearance" described in the Kim Dung novel. The San Bay is expected to become a new classic yen, but after the movie In terms of waves, he was also too pale in 1988, without fairy gas. Many audiences judge that, the yen of Van Bay's Yen is far from Liu Yifei, and the more "no door" compares with Ly's graviors. Not only frustrating with shaping, acting characters, Abuse of Slow Motion techniques in Thien Long Bat Bo 2021 also makes the audience uncomfortable
Many long scenes of the audience felt like the audience was watching the 8-year-old bride. With too many points except, Thien Long Bat Bo 2021 is currently being evaluated by the audience as a "disaster" version, "swallowed without drift" Best ever. Here are some of the rating of the Douban audience about this version: [1 star] It can't be "swallowed" the beauty of the union, every time he turned to him, I had to rewind quickly to avoid "nausea" . [1 star] Viewing exactly 3 minutes, it is impossible to "swallow" floating. [1 star] The union has just appeared to be completely collapsed. [1 star] The worst, bad version from before it's time. It's hard to imagine, the era of 2021 and also has a poor quality movie, 3 cents like this. [1 star] The actor was so bad. [1 star] The delegation told him compared to the Union of Lam It is like a idiot. Chung Linh is like a lady's village, the liken of liken, it is unable to compare with the Yenu Yifei Yifei, there is no desktop door with Ly Nhạc. In general, this movie must only let the audience 10x see it. [2 stars] Why there is a unit. [2 stars] Best Don't watch, heart disease Death. [2 stars] Thanks to Khong Le But Lam Chi Dinh was put on a photo of the sole. [2 Stars] See if there is a episode already a good attendance, the taste of earrings? Kieu Phong brave fiercely? Really do not understand what kind of shape, that the actor has a hat on his head that looks like it.

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