Doubt That His Mother-in-law Takes Money, Sneaking The Tracking Tool, The Son-in-law Stunned When He Looked At The Camera Video Recorded

If you don't install the camera, maybe you will not know what in the house is happening. The story of the man mentioned above reminds us to clarify everything before having a thought or action improperly Everyone. Nearly, Tran Hoa encountered something that made him bothered so he always felt uncomfortable. His father's father died early, his mother-in-law was alone, his wife because she was afraid of her lonely, so he enlisted the summer vacation with him home to bring her up to live together. People feel happy

. But after a while, in the house often happened to lose money, the day was 100,000 VND, over a two-day 200,000 dong.Ban head, Tran Hoa also did not pay attention because of normal him or convenient in room. Then there was one time he withdrew from the bank of VND 50 million in order to be in the closet, a few days after only 40 million dong, he started to pay attention
Trinh Hoa asked his wife to take money in the cabinet but his wife said no. Normally the couple of ceilets often work from early morning, his mother-in-law at home alone, could not have thieves into the house. Tran Hoa thinks that the mother-in-law has taken money, this is still in his heart so he feels uncomfortable, this is not easy to tell his wife. One time Tran Hoa deliberately told his wife's mother: "Mom, If I don't have money, remember to tell me. " I thought after I said that my mother's mother would know what to stop, unexpectedly 5 days later lost 500,000 dong. Illustration. Trinh Hoa feels unable to stand it anymore, but there is no evidence, so core In the house without anyone, he stealthily installed the camera surveillance in the house. Incredition for discovering incident from imagining the day after that, the money in the cabinet lacked 500,000 dong, the flower ceiling opened the camera View the image again. After watching it, I just dizzy, I just felt like I knew that I didn't know my wife and my wife took money, I didn't say this out. It was a 10-year-old son
Tran Hoa called her son to ask why to take money. At first the boy did not acknowly, only when he reopened the image from the surveillance camera, the boy bowed his head to speak true. Because couple Tran Hoa did not have much time to care about her son The boy addicted to the game, so he spent the amount of money got into it. After hearing his words, Tran Hoa feels very sorry. As a father, he didn't fulfill his responsibility to teach children. Fortunately, Tran Hoa was discovered soon, otherwise he could fall into the damaged path. He was a child, when there was no evidence that he doubted his mother-in-law really not to do. After his son's teaching, Tran Hoa also realized his mistake, promising to hilly again. Illustrated. Illustrated. When Tran Hoa came out, his mother wife was cooking dinner, he walked to say : "Mom, can you help anything?" His mother-in-law responded again: "Tran Hoa, I am a man in my family, waiting for my mother to cook." After this incident, the relationship Between the flower ceiling and his mother-in-law is getting better. He also understood one thing: the most frightening thing in the family is mutual and doubtful. Especially for children, pay attention to them more.

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