Doubting A Famous Youtuber Was Prosecuted, Asking For Extra Money If Left On The Poster

This Youtuber is an account on the social network, asking for more money when the organizer wants to print a poster to advertise TalkShow.0: 00/1: 44 nam nam here on the forum specializing in the showbiz , Posts from an account with a famous Youtuber name, when you are guests in a talkshow that attracted attention from the members. This account posted another image with another According to the content, this Youtuber demands extra money when the organizers want to print themselves to the poster to advertise the talkshow. . As a TalkShow guest, which demands the extra money if the program poster is in the face of him? The element of a youtuber, is okay, so okay? Does it turn out for the audience to see it? Or face the walls to sing, pay extra, dance? Luckily, she's not a singer "

. This writing has received attention from the network community. Although this information is given one way and there is no additional evidence, however with suggestions from "Oh," in the name of YouTuber, many netizens have "ratled" female Youtuber Giang. Expectedly to be "called" netizens below the post, many users have also left countless comments for this incident
Besides curious people, the large number of users even commented, this article lacks authenticity, if you want, the person who needs to make more convincing evidence, should not give such a one-dimensional information .- "The true identity of this Youtuber is too" .- "Jiang Oh attend the event very happy so everyone less guessed" .- "People are elected, if they are full of evidence, it comes out , rumors causing people to be tired. "- "Look with people without giving it out for anything, just one element like that is enough to say anything."

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