Dozen Eggs 75 Million Years In The Mother Turtle Body

Scientists discovered a 75 million-year-old fossils of a sea turtle and dozen eggs inside their body.0: 00/1: 10 Southern countries Scientists from Calgary University in Alberta in Canada found fossils Hey in 2005 near the canal filled with mud in southeastern Alberta. The turtle is defined in the extinct species in Adocus in Southeast Alberta.Theo research, this pregnant turtle represents the first fossil excavated with eggs still in the body. "The finding of eggs and young children of extinct animals is relatively rare and finding them inside the mother's body is still rarer," said Darla Zelenitsky, geologist at the University of Calgary in Alberta Knowing

.5 eggs crushed in the mother turtle body. (Photo: University of Calgary) The team discovers at least 5 eggs crushed in the body of the female turtle. The results of computerized cutting (CT) show that there are still many eggs hidden under the turtle tomorrow
Then, turtles are about 40 cm long carrying 20 eggs. The shell eggs are very thick and harder than today's modern turtles. This feature helps but the young turtle avoids the claws of the predators living in the dinosaur period and adapting to the drought environment. The researchers said that the specimen they earned to clarify Evolution of the reproductive characteristics of modern turtles. Flower (Source: NBC)

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