Dozens Of Precious Wine Flasks In The Ship Sinking Under Water 2,000 Years

Scientists discovered the shipwrecks of nearly 2,000 years with vessels used to transport alcohol and olive oil off the Palermo Sea (Italy) .0: 00/1: 10 namcon domains from the old Roman period Great is found at a depth of 92 m. At the wreck, the researchers found the presence of large amphorae - a pointed bottom vase, the handle is often used to import wine, olive oil and salt water throughout the ancient history. The message that this discovery is one of the most important findings in recent months. Many Amphorae jars are found under the train

. (Photo: Soprintendenza del Mare) According to La Stampa, the wine trade in Sicily is "one of the most popular and profitable activities for entrepreneurs at the time." "Mediterranean Contact continue to bring us valuable factors to recreate history related to maritime trade, the types of boats and vehicles used. Now we know more about life on board and termite The relationship between the coastal population ", the sea director of the Sicilia region, Valeria Li Vigni said that this shipwreck is the latest ship recently found by Italian archaeologists
In 2012, the divers found The 2,000-year-old shipwreck off the town of Varazze in Liguria province, supposedly a romantic commercial ship. Dieu Hoa (Source: Daily Mail)

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