Dozens Of Virtual Money Trading Floors In Korea Are Closed

According to the new regulations issued by Korean management agencies, dozens of virtual money trading floors in the country will be closed. The illustration. Detective, the exchanges in Korea must meet the Conditions needed to be licensed to operate before 24-9. In that, there is a request for a licensed electronic money exchange to cooperate with a domestic bank. These platforms have to do this To be able to open a bank account for investors

. However, Korean banks hesitate to concern the risk of money laundering. Also according to the Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC), the licensing for trading platforms can last for 3-6 months So these exchanges are almost impossible to be allowed to promptly decide above.Do, nearly 40 of about 60 electronic money trading floors in Korea are expected to close
This makes investors to lose up to 3,000 billion won (2.6 billion USD). Straightener experts from new regulations will also affect operating international trading floors at Korean.LS

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