Drama Was Cut Off Her Fingers, Snow And Strange Dynamics

After the drama was cut off the role of friendship, Snow Snow also changed Style on Tiktok and her move on his personal page. Netizens discussed a stir. It came to the present, ie more than half a month passed but many people still leave a comment on controversy under the posts of snow bit on the MXH accounts, especially Tiktok about the cut drama Shoulder in the film flavor body. Besides, many people pay attention to the spectacular physical change of snow and after the episodes of the fluttering flavor are waved. It is known to join the incense Persons and snow stones have increased nearly 10kg for Ngoc Diep's role and decreased against the equivalent weight

. However after the nearest Livestream, snow bit did not touch this issue on his personal page anymore. Instead, she completely changed the style of Tiktok clips, the funny clips and pastants were previously placed by a series of jumping clips. The drama controversy of the drama of snow bit and her shape
She said that snow bit intentionally proving the film to see the decision to replace him was wrong but many people still regret her role. Currently, Snow Still still doesn't have any response or feedback before all the opinions of the netizens. The real name is Nguyen Anh Tuyet, born in 1996 and grew up in Bac Ninh. Coming is a famous actor and a famous Tiktoker in Vietnam, with a fanless fans who are not a famous artist. Especially snowy also owns a personal facebook page with nearly 129,000 Folow and Fanpage up to 585,000 followers Watch. English

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