Dream About A Largest Photo Gallery In Africa

Stemming from a pleasure during the epidemic of Covid-19 raging, a young Ghanaian youth living in New York City (USA) was cherished to open a photo book library about Africa with hope Inspiring for the younger generation of young photographers in the country.0: 00/1: 50 noupaul Ninson domains open a largest photo book library on Africa. Photo: REUTERSPAUL NINSON has collected about 30,000 African photo books since Pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks causing many bookstores throughout the United States to close, liquidate or reduce bookshields. This book number was stored in 16 stores in New York, with high-quality books to the ceiling. This is said that the world's largest photo book collection includes photos taken in Africa or made by African photographers

.Ninson began to have a photo book collection right after arriving at New York in 2019 to take a photography course. Pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks caused many bookstores in the United States to fall into a moist and must liquidate deep discounts. As a result, Ninson bought about 15,000 books from more money or borrowed
From here, the young man raised his dream of establishing a library of photography and this dream is gradually becoming a reality after the photography page The largest photo of the world "Humans of New York" organized fundraising for this project and mobilized $ 1 million in just one day.Nonson doubled its scale since then and he was Send a part of this "property" to the country with about 18,000 books.Nonson sharing the community will help build a photo gallery named Dikan - meaning "pioneering" in the dialect, in the player Ghana's Accra capital. The giant photo book store Ninsson collected for nearly 2 years, the Dikan library will bring to the young African photographers of the opportunity to participate in exchange activities, discussion, Rental of equipment and studio space. Ninson expects this to be the largest photo gallery in Africa. Ghanaian boys expressed their desire to inspire and help African photographers in particular and the skin career generally tells the stories of the main stories I am through the photos rich in reality and expressive. Phan An (VNA)

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