Dream To Raise The Traditional Product Range Of Hai Thanh People

As one of the coastal localities of Nghi Son Town, from the time the people of Hai Thanh ward have been attached to seafood processing. By responsibility, passion for traditional professions, they have focused on improving the quality, building the product of OCOP standards, finding a place in the market and closer to the diners. of Thang Ngan Seafood Private Enterprise currently being striving to become OCOP products in 2021.Is one of the seafood processing establishments in Hai Thanh Ward, for a long time of fish sauce and fish sauce of Son Thom Seafood Processing Facility (Shanghai Town) took the sympathetic symptoms of consumers by quality and delicious flavors. The establishment has a scale of 1,800m2, producing about 20,000 liters of fish sauce and over 200 tons of shrimp sauce, sour sauce

. Mr. Nguyen Thai Son, the base owner, said: "The motivation for us to keep the transvention for more than 30 years is not just a lot of life, but it is better than that of consumers inside and outside the province. Here, the best fish sauce is made of fresh anchovies and clean pure salts incubated in chums, soaked tanks meet natural protein standards
Leave the quality of fish sauce, the sun exposure time is at least 18 to 24 months, reaching a total protein up to 45 degrees ". From early 2021 to date, despite being affected by Covid- disease- 19, the transportation of goods to localities in the country of painted seafood processing establishments has a number of difficulties and consumption output, but the traditional market is still basic stable. With the desire to build traditional and high quality products to include large supermarkets and chains of stores in the country, through the intervender seafood processing establishments invested in scientific soaked tanks, according to regulations Fish sauce production and standard fish sauce, ensuring food hygiene and safety conditions. Towards access and perfecting products of fish sauce and ocop standards in 2021. According to local people, fish sauce in Hai Thanh ward is often active from April every year. At this time, households proceed to buy materials for fish sauce. Small producers are several tons, a lot of tons are several hundred tons. It is known that delicious fish sauce depends on many factors, such as weather, input seafood quality, the rate mixed between fish and salt, sun exposure time ..
However, let out drops Delicious fish sauce, traditional taste is a whole process that requires elaborately, skillfully right from the selection of raw materials. So far, households producing "specialty" in Hai Thanh land still keep their passion for traditional ways of producing his father leaving and saying no to the use of food additives. Identifying production materials is one of the factors of product quality determinants, Thang Ngan Seafood Private Enterprise (Thanh Dinh Street Group) has long built a connection with seafood exploits Local to get fresh raw materials, quality assurance. With the mainstream products are rolls in squid, fish balls, a sunny ink, fish mackerel. In particular, spare ink is one of the most elaborate dishes. Thanks to the quality of the product, this enterprise consumes nearly 10 tons of ink rolls. "Along with the preservation of traditional occupations, quality assurance in each product, we are aiming for construction of products Qualified OCOP standards. Not only contributes to confirming the place for traditional products in the market, creating trust for consumers but also "to reserve" for their children later, ", Mr. Nguyen Nam Thang, business owner Private seafood wins the share. It is known, the last few years, the average of every year Hai Thanh ward produces and provides about 2.3 million liters of fish sauce to the market and thousands of tons of seafood type. In order to promote the strength in the field of seafood processing, local regular guides households and establishments producing products with packaging, traceability stamps to improve product value, especially family Entering the "playground" OCOP, creating trust for consumers. Hanh Nguyen Thai Son, owner of Son Thom Seafood Processing Facility, Shanghai Street, Hai Thanh Street, introducing fish sauce fishing in too OCOP product construction program. Dong Ho Van Dung, Vice Chairman of Hai Thanh Ward People's Committee, said: "Currently in the ward, there are 5,500 households with over 20 thousand people. In particular, many households have expanded production establishments and developing products to meet OCOP standards to improve product value, meeting demand for consumers. Typically, Mr. Duong Xuan Tac's family (Shanghai street population), with fish sauce products and fish sauce (shrimp fish sauce, sour sauce, shrimp sauce) branded. Although it was recognized for the 3-star OCOP product by 2020, his family continued to strive to upgrade the product with a 4-star standard in 2022 and tried to build more products of fresh mackerel. OCOP. Here

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