Dream … ‘white Gold’

Rubber trees have been considered 'white gold' in the western area of Le Thuy district, helping many poor parts to change their life, enrich. However, about 10 years ago, rubber latex prices fell deeply with the influence of natural disasters that made many businesses, people are not salty with rubber trees. However, the good thing is that on the golden rubber forests, the labor air urgently, enthusiastic and bustling has started to return ..

. 0: 00/5: 44 Southern region of the ups and downs! By phone , Secretary of the Party Committee of Nong Trinh Trinh Trinh Thanh Lam Holy newspaper said that: "Unconvenated to the locality a trip, recently, the labor air of the relatives in the rubber gardens Various. The price of latex has increased, so the lives of their relatives also work harder .
! "Mr. Le Quang Hai, in the inter-city population, the town of Le Ninh (Le Thuy) exploited rubber latex. Lam urged me to Ninh, which was considered the "capital" of rubber trees in the western region of Le Thuy district. Everywhere of the key leadership positions of the town, Mr. Lam well understood the ups and downs of rubber here. Lam Lam said: "Rubber trees are attached and root with this farmland land. From the 60s of the last century. Almost a decade, in particular, the period from 2010-2013 was considered the golden age of rubber trees when the price of latex increased record high, about 100,000 VND / kg pus . At that time, many people in the locality have an exploited rubber plant, just opened their eyes to see money million, many households do local rubber workers, income for more than 30 million Copper ". Lot the cup of tea, Mr
Lam said, starting in 2013 onwards, rubber latex prices started to be low and prolonged, causing rubber growers and rubber trading enterprises to stand, standstill . Many local households hesitantly, wondering whether to maintain or removing this crop for "white gold" because the crowded price in the market only fluctuates to less than 10,000 VND / kg. Le Ninh Thu gathers rubber latex to sell to traders. "From the beginning of 2021, rubber latex prices began to show signs of increasing, with a time of nearly 20,000 VND / kg of latex; Currently, the price ranges from VND 15,000 to 17,000 VND / latex. Although the price is not very high, but in the context of disease today, this is a good thing and across rubber forests, the air has started bustling again ...! ", Mr. Lam share. Le Quang Hai (SN 1970), in the inter-city population group, Truong Lai Ninh town is attached to rubber trees since 2011, then the rubber tree is considered "white gold". Meeting us, Mr. Hai was also very excited, the lake was because there were positive signs from rubber trees. Hanh Hai said, in 2011, when rubber trees are prevalent, the price of latex, he borrowed Borrowing investment for planting more than 3ha of rubber in lands reclaimed because she wants a family to quickly change life. Planting more than 2 years, the price of rubber latex drops tastefully, he dropped the rubber garden without caring, thanks to heaven. At the deadline, the end of 2020, he decided to cut off more than 1 ha of rubber trees in Cam Ly area to grow acacia replaced. "Now my family is every 2 days to load a trip, the days of weather Well shaved with 70-80kg of latex, there are fewer days. From rubber garden, my family has income from 400-500,000 VND / day. This phase rises, thinking it is also sorry for breaking more than 1 ha of rubber trees ... ", Mr. Hai said. The unit is exploiting and trading nearly 1,400ha rubber in the western area of Le Thuy, Mr. Nguyen Mau Hao, Chairman of Le Ninh Joint Stock Company said: "A few years ago, rubber latex price dropped dramatically, causing the lives of officials and employees units to meet many difficulties . From the beginning of the year until now, the price of rubber latex begins to show signs of rising again. Unable to compare the golden age of 2010-2013 but the price of rubber latex increases is a good signal to the unit Motivation for emulation of labor production and improving income ... ". Many rubber area of 79 defense economic group began to harvest." White gold "revived ... Secretary of the Party Committee of Nong Truong Truong Le Ninh Trinh Thanh Lam in conversation with us has generalized that, the past few years, the locality has focused on exploiting the strength of land and climate for economic development, in which Economic development of hill garden, v Operators and small-filled rubber trees that local existing are available, towns have 170ha of rubber trees with more than 100 households participating in planting. Rubber plants grow mainly in street groups 2 decisions, street groups 1, 3.4 ... per average household with 1-15ha rubber. "Currently, most local rubber trees are for pus exploitation. Now, when latex prices rise, many rubber households have a large area, for income of more than 10 million dong daily and create jobs for many local workers ... ", Mr. Lam said. Rubber begins to revive in the West Li Thuy district.Hùn a decade attached to the forests in Lee Thuy, Defense Economic Group 79 (Fine Army 15) Date and night to turn the lands "Death "This place revives with the blue of highly thousands

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