Driving Should Use Lights To Ensure Safety?

Car lights are mandatory on cars and motorbikes but do not mean even bright lights as possible. Use the newly used lights to help participants in traffic safety and do not cause accidents for other vehicles instance.0: 00/2: 54Nam Southern vehicles are compulsory equipment on most motorized vehicles. But its function is not only lighting, car lights have been added to more users to help safer drivers, and increase the aesthetics of the car. Most motorbikes are equipped with 2 muscle lights The version is the headlights (far lights) and cos lights (near lights)

. Some models will have a daytime lighting or additional lights (passing). Using the passing function is usually included with the phase, COS switch button on a motorbike in Vietnam. To ensure safety, Motorbikes, including vehicles of engine capacity under 50cc, electric motorbikes should: - Use proximity lights in the evening in urban or residential areas
- Only use the lights when at the high street Speed or empty, lack of light. When a vehicle approaches the speed to reduce the speed and switch to the projection mode until the opposite vehicle goes through. - When blinking the phase to overcome or use the Passing lamp is only used by turning off, immediately. Far lights in the cities of motorbikes do not only affect ride people in the opposite motorbike but also danger to both cars. For sedans, Hatchback driver often has a low sitting position. This is also the location where motorbikes can be shown directly on the driver's face, affecting the observation of opposite drivers. Other with motorcycles, cars are equipped with more lights with public Much larger motorcycles. However, the driver should still ensure the implementation of motorbike similar principles. Besides, the driver should also pay attention to the lamp technology on its car to control the vehicle simpler. Many cars today have been equipped with automatic lights
Many cars have been equipped with lights automatic. These lights will turn themselves when it is dark, or adjust the mode of the far lights, close to the migration conditions. In some cases, the automatic function can be exercised, driving can switch to manual control mode to observe easier. Some high-end cars and automatic light functions also have It can turn off some LED bulbs in the headlight cluster to not make the opposite car. This is also the function to turn on when you have to drive long distance. When moving in the fog line conditions, the car is not equipped with fog lights can paste a golden nylon layer on the car light so that light can be shown dew. If the car is broken, the driver should only use the correct shadows of the design capacity to avoid affecting the power system while avoiding the risk of dazzling vehicles in the opposite direction. Decree 171/2013 / ND-CP, violations when using a distant light will be handled as follows: - For controllers of cars and cars similar to cars: • A fine of between VND 600,000 and 800,000 VND With the violation of the use of the lights when avoiding the vehicle away in the opposite direction. • A fine of between VND 600,000 and 800,000 for acts of violation of remote lights in urban areas, densely populated areas. - For people Control motorbikes, motorcycles (including electric vehicles), similar vehicles motorbikes and motorbikes similar vehicles: • A fine of between VND 60,000 and VND 80,000 for violations use If the lights are far away when avoiding the car in the opposite direction. • A fine of between VND 80,000 and 100,000 for acts of violating the use of distant lights in urban areas, densely populated areas.

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