Drop A Fire Ants Into The Glass Tank, 2 Years After The Breeder Collected A Bunch Of Incredible Epillaries

You will have to unexpectedly with the results after 2 years of development of the Fire Colony.0: 00/0: Southern Southern Youtube channel Antscanada - a channel provides a lot of useful knowledge about ant species or other insects I have posted a movie recorded the result after two years when building an ants 'empire' in the glass tank. Only from a fire aniene of God carrying eggs, the owner of this YouTube channel created a kingdom with the goods thousands of ants. They are raised in the glass tank but they are simulated simulated as the most natural environment (with water, light, temperature, plants .

..) Not only that, inspired by the scenery of The famous movie avatar, he created ants of the territories suspended in the air. He calls her anciograph of Phoenix Empire, here is a surprise result after 2 years of development of ants
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