Dry Skin Due To Cold Sky: Simple Treatment Does Not Cost Money

Dry, dry skin often occurs in winter causing itching, burning, uncomfortable. If no remedies will lead to a skin dryness that becomes more serious than instance.02 / 1: 34 South period recently, due to dry weather, many people are often dry skin. Nguyen Minh Tien II Specialist, Deputy Director of City Children's Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) said that the most Dahay dry cause is still due to dehydration because in our country, cold weather is often dry . Dehydration can cause dry, cracked lips, skin in some body areas that are peeled out of small white pieces

. The dry skin condition often occurs in the winter. The image of the loss of water is dehydrated, dry, the skin epithelial cells are also more vulnerable, which is the reason for scratching or crushing a little bit of scratches, easy rash. Solving the problem of dehydration, the skin will be healthier
If let the skin dry too long will also stimulate the rapid aging signs, typically wrinkles, making you older than your real age . In order to improve dry skin condition due to the quick weather, do not worry about returning and significantly reducing the sequelae that it brings is the simplest need to pay attention to daily daily habits. Do not wash your face or shower too many times, only about 1-2 times / day is. Besides, it is necessary to use lightweight shower gel or cleanser, moisturizing and low soap bubbles, which are both effective and well-cleaned for dry skin. Don't use the product with strong bleaching because it will roll out the slime, making the skin more dry and dry. Need to limit face washing, bath with hot water. Water is the best moisturizing way from within. Drinking at least 2-2.5 liters of 2-2.5 liters a day will help each skin cells be "sludge" full water, thereby significantly improving dry skin status
Minh Chau / VietQ

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