Dry Skin Is Still Nàn!

Beauty dry skin is usually recommended: Drink plenty of water! Turning out the truth is not so.0: 00/1: 41 South Dermatology experts at the University of Arkansas University of American Health and rejecting the view that, drinking lots of water to create moisturizing effects Leather, overcoming dry skin status. The skin is a problem outside the skin and only needs only attention to this stage, we can maintain the appropriate moisture of the skin, overcome dry skin condition - American scientists affirmed. Fully first-dry skin objects should avoid unfavorable factors such as: hot water bathing in too long time, regularly dip in water with high chlorine (artificial pool ), Use cosmetics inappropriate. Also stay away from strong detergents and polluted environments, because dry skin affects not only faces, but both hands and legs

. It should keep skin moisturizing with the most frequent moisturizing creams Moisture for skin with creams or oils is selected suitable for its skin. In addition to conventional white vaseline or Lanolina also promotes the effectiveness of the appropriate moisture of the skin. Do not take a dip in the hot water tank too long
It is best to adjust the water stream at a moderate warmth and don't dress themselves in the tub longer than 10 minutes. Maintain proper moisture in the room. Using air humidifier, hanh, dry weather days. Regular face massage. Reason? Massage Create effects Improve blood circulation, thus the skin recovers faster and absorbs more effective nutrients. This is a simple operation you can do anytime, just 10-15 minutes.4. Mask. Every week, face the face moisturizing mask once. Formula: mixed 1 small spoon of Mayonnaise, 1 chicken egg yolk and 1 spoon of small aloe powder
Apply on the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. See more videos are of interest:

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