Ds 7 Crossback Elysee ‘new French Battleship’

Developed based on the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 300, Elysee has been upgraded for bulletproof and equipped with flags, flashing lights and paint in Blue.0: 00/0: 35 domain Male is developed based on the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 300, this model has a length of 4,790 mm, the wheelbase is extended by 200 mm. It's not only the only change because the Crossover has also been upgraded For bulletproof capability and equipped with flags, flashing lights and paint ink blue.xe also have RF logo, 20-inch special trays and shark fin antenna for special telecommunications systems. The cabin of this DS 7 Crossback has 2 separate rear seats with electrically adjustable and separated by the large central control panel, with wireless charging device as well as controls heating and ventilation for seats After

. Remarkable highlights can be mentioned as the details of the Basalt Black leather, Alcantara and black paint. In addition, there are separate entertainment systems for the rear seats. Hybrid plug-in remains the same include the Puretech engine, 2 electric motors and 13
2 kWh battery packs, allowing the global driving crossover to produce a capacity of 296 horsepower and 520 nm.thaco torque Mixing up to 65 million VND for customers to buy the other car, the coating and extended also greatly affect the performance of the car.Mitsubishi Triton Athlete launched in Vietnam, the price of 760 million, competing with Ford Rangerds is always closed Look for this, but the standard version of DS 7 Crossback e-Tense 300 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 5.9 seconds and can run 58 km with individual motor vehicles. Toyota November 2021: Adding 3 new products, 3 favored models 7 Crossback Élyseé was appeared this time because this is the car used in the ceremony to celebrate the Family False Day 11/11/1918, end ending the first World War.

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