Duc Hoa: ‘i’m Proud To Be Congratulated By Thailand In The World Cup’

Pham Duc Hoa said that Vietnam recruits has established interest at the Futsal World Cup, which should receive wishes of Thai team members.0: 00/3: 41 nam 0000: 00/1: 12: 02video interview Online Literature and Duc Hoa after the memorable journey at Futsal World Cup 2021, two Vietnamese players include Captain Pham Duc Hoa and goalkeeper Ho Van Italy answered the questions of ZING.TuyYuy Việt Nam Hoa 1 -1 Before the Czech Republic, the world's 15th team, to win the right to 1/8. In the tunnel, the coach (coach) Thailand shook hands, congratulates Vietnamese players. In the first round of 1/8, teachers of Coach Pham Minh Giang lost to 2-3 before Russia, the unexpectedly unlined team

. Recruiting Futsal Vietnam to receive great attention from readers, after impressive performances. Deputy Head of Pham Duc Hoa has a shared session with 23/99.Germany in the end of the Czech Republic
Photo: Reuters. How is your feelings when I'm congratulatory by Thailand after the Fzech? - My feelings are very happy and proud, because Thailand is the enemy of Vietnam recruitment in the region. Be congratulatory, means we have done something like that, they have just congratulate so much. - Vietnam recruits to stop after the Russian defeat. Duc Hoa has scored that battle. How is your feeling? - When I scored a goal, I was very happy, because Viet Nam recruited the group a little hope to equalize. However, I have to quickly go back to equalize, but the time is too little .- At the end of the round table, he finds it difficult to return to the fixo position to replace Van Vu, especially When you have to confront the high players of Ch czech? - Previously, I played a lot of fixo. But from the coach of the army, I started playing ALA. When I replaced Van Vu's position, I was a little difficult at first, but then gradually beat the match
- World Cup 2021 is the most memorable tournament in your career? Hey, the World Cup 2021 is a memorable tournament, not only me but the Futsal Vietnam team. We accept the concern of the leadership, fans and in the context of complicated Covid-19 epidemic situation. So this is the most memorable tournament. - In the second World Cup, how do you feel? - At the first time to attend the World Cup, recruit Vietnam inexperienced. But after 5 years of recruiting Russia, we were somewhat regretful. Partly because the last time met them, the second time there was no chance to meet another team to learn experiences. However, we played because of the color of the shirt, devoted themselves. Germany scored 2-3 before recruiting Russia in the first round of August. Photo: Reuters. It tips for juniors - in Germany, Futsal Vietnam needs what to improve the quality, narrow the gap with other strong demands in Asia like Thailand, Japan ...? - Futsal Vietnam Male needs to add a national championship with home, away, and quality. Currently, we are concentrated and close to each other, so the player's strength does not guarantee to stretch throughout the tournament. We should need at least 1 extra player for each team to be able to increase the quality of the prize. - Every play in the overseas, do you have any advice for the juniors if they export foreign? - Every young player It is necessary to have confidence. Foreign clubs have understood the player's ability to make a suggestion, so always ourselves. - Does the Futsal players ever ever been "sole" to go to stone? Time to go to the stone, how much do you get a battle? - When I have not yet played a professional, I was invited by many people. The cost for the battle is not fixed, sometimes I get paid VND 300,000-500,000, sometimes I go to the yard with my feelings. - You see Futsal and Football 11 What's different? - Previously I used to take Fight for the Binh Duong team in the first-class tournament. The Futsal playground has many differences, because the match rate is faster, the player needs to make a judgment and decision faster. In addition, the players need to be better force, because the situation took place quickly. - What is the advice of Duc Hoa to a person who wants to become a professional Futsal player? - You should improve your skills Play Futsal, find opportunities in some movement leagues. After that, find someone to introduce to try in the teams and always be yourself. - Thank you for your conversation! Thailand coach congratulates Vietnam Futsal in the first round of World Cup On the evening of September 19, coach Rakphol Saunetngam shook hands to congratulate Vietnamese members after a 1-1 draw against Czech.Duy Minh

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