Due To Her Husband With New Clothes, I Suspected Him To Give Me Two Savings Books With Painful Detection

Holding two savings books on the hand, I'm confused and do not know what to do with my father's advice.0: 00/1: 56 Southern region greeted her sunflower, my husband and I lived in the street, occasionally new The countryside visits his parents once. Even so, I always finished the responsibilities of a daughter-in-law, especially on important occasions like the ceremony, death anniversary, Tet. The relationship between me with her parents is also very good. My husband takes 2 months ago

. Commercially lived alone, my couple often visited him. Several times I questioned to take him to the city but he said he wanted to be in his hometown because he was familiar with the village, and visited his mother-in-law. Yesterday, I bought new clothes for my father
He held his shirt, his face smiled happily but his eyes were red. I know he was sad. The illustration. He took two savings books in my hand. He said he was old, perhaps it was about to go with his mother. The two books handed over to my wife and wife, then he lost, we used a ghost loan for him, a gifts to celebrate a college bean for me later. I heard her father-in-law spilling . I love you too. Should I advise you to the city living with my wife? (Hongthu .
. @ gmail.com) Hi, your father-in-law is undergoing the difficulty of life. This is when you need your children most. Therefore, the sunflower wishes his husband and wife, which is a solid spirit, along with him through this suffering period. About bringing her father to the common city, you should be cleverly consulted and Respect to all his decisions. If you agree to go, you need to prepare your psychology of environmental changes, living conditions for you to be less surprised. If you don't want to go, you should not be squeezed. Inside, your spouse should often go home, or can find the right opportunity for the whole family to get a few days. This will help the house have more vitality, fun and more energy. Your father-in-law also has fun and comfort in mind. For the elderly, family Sum meets, having a Hieu Thuan child in the side is a great happiness. Send. Duong Duong.Theo H.Duong / Fatherland Newspaper

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