Duong Duong And The Millionth Of The ‘real Fake Movie’, Where Is The Evidence Of Going To Know?

Million unexpectedly posted the ice cream cake on a social network, raised suspicion of Duong Duong's birthday. From this, many people believe that both "real fake movies'. Through 9th, on September 9 on the occasion of Duong Duong's 30th birthday, Zhao Suddenly opened the ice cream cake on the social network .00: 00: 50 Photos of Cream Cake Because Trieu Lo Tu Posted, questioned used to congratulate Duong Duong's birthday. In the form of visible, accompanied by sheep (Dong Duong Dong Dong) is the line The word "Happy Birthday", raising this ice cream cake is to convene the birthday of Duong Duong's birthday? And affordable both "real fake movie", attracted the attention of many netizens

. The ocean was extremely handsome on the birthday, welcoming his 30s. Intacted, before also appeared Rumes of Duong Duong and Zen to expose each other on July this year under the illustrations of a famous Paparazzi in China.Duong Duong and Zhao Mien Tu are cooperating together in the new Ancuous TV series Name drops Thien Ha
From backstage images can be seen, both are extremely close, laughing fun without any gaps of men and women. The ocean holds the million hands very tightly. It is possible that this is the true smile of the guy. No such, Duong Duong is still very interested in the co-star, he holds the phone for the millionth to talk. He also sprayed a mosquito spray for her. The actions that netizens are difficult to see Duong Duong for other animals on the previous school. Do you believe Yang Yang and Zen to expose the "real fake movie"? Anyway, both standing side by side are very feeling couple.

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