Dust ‘happy’ For The Unexpected Birthday Gift Of Thanh Van

Tieu Quyen increasingly spent more affection for humble but has more important partners. Thanh Van because she is about to leave the house so she wants something specifically for Duy Duy.02: 00/1: 41 namcho namcho that I have tried to be humble and affirming that he is a good person, the sub-quon is determined to protect My love with Khiem. Tieu Quyen's aunt is also satisfied with the decision of the niece. The company succeeds so there are more important partners, while the signing side loses its potential customer

. His with Khiem. Photo: Golden LotusDang Duy also worriedly arranged work for Thanh Van. He also agreed with Thien Kim, bringing the teacher to meet My Ngoc
Although My Ngoc is also quite sympathetic with collection but when you know that everyone wants her to play with the collection to leave Thanh Van, the American Ngoc is extremely angry when I want to replace it Van with the teacher collection is. Photo: Golden Sencan turned to hate the whole teacher. Meanwhile, seeing the Duy took the teacher to collect to My Ngoc, Thanh Van sad to tears because he thought he was trying to chase himself. Thuc Thuc Thanh Van into his company to work and tap hours Make home with My Ngoc. However, Thanh Van refuses and assumes that he wants to go up with his own strength. Thank you, I still thank you at all sincerity and advise you: "Don't do bad things because I have a day right bargain". Duy Do not understand what Thanh Van said, but she thought that he was deliberately hiding sin. Dang Duy. Leaving this house so Thanh Van wants to do something. And something is the birthday of Duy Duy
Thanh Van wants to pull away from the overcasts of the past, so apply for a privacy to give me a unexpected birthday to only only once. Bouquet of chrysanthemum mi that Thanh Van congratulates birthday to Duy Duy has made him famous. And Thanh Van was released straight away from the house in the dark night. Thang Duy Thoi Dinh Dinh when Thanh Van gave him a bunch of chrysanthemum. The audience welcomes the next movement of Vietnamese film Love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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