Duy Manh: ‘missing That Money, Take Carefully, Post Steady On Facebook Anything With Me At This Dust’

'It's best, you sing, you sing quietly, but it's quietly put it carefully in', Duy Manh has a hidden shared with an implication of Neither. Strong suddenly has a shared post on the personal page on the issue of charity.duy strongly expressed: "I told the truth, you sing, you sing as a academic. When it was a profession and then Performing on stage and performing the real life is very easy. But it is very difficult to go to Facebook to show the most difficult

. Being from the 'Holy Soi' it B. Hóc phosphorus. And especially a charity problem
If you are charitable, if you miss it, then the shelf doesn't say. Learn the word 'rings', even 'humiliating' that holds the following property that the room is close. For the shelves to be boring, it is also fatal. But the person who curses it later and falls Teeth, and every benefit ... don't you say it? ". The black red voice said Investing in "charity business" is required to bear risks. If you miss it ", take it carefully." What do this day do business and risk? Hook money, sell watches, necklaces, gold shake
.. to invest Into charity business. Investment risks must not accept capital losses? Doesn't you get any money? Into. When the government enters it, then it is good at that time. If the government asks too harsh, it will still tell me to keep that money so that the next time you do charity. My intention is to use the amount Hey a charity for 10-20 years. Rice does not eat rice still there, what is it worried? Should be alarmed by the network community. But there is no guilty. just Money for idols to do charity, now disillusioned! But listen to the 'saints' it tissue with a few sentences and frantically on a statement, then Livestream. So the 'holy san' it opened the flag In the stomach, laugh ... because the artist's sister gets a plot. ! ", Duy Manh Bạch. Besides, my voice doesn't have a statement, saying the star statement on Facebook is no different," I'm in this dust ". He said: "*** Most are posting statements on Facebook to show up, unlike my grandfather in this dust. So it is thousands of guys 'saints' it seems. I only showed on the stage. Or acting with relatives and friends in real life. But on Facebook, it's no different from the sheeps, sometimes seeing the dreams and humor. Being assigned to the name of them 'eel'. Because on Facebook there are the 'saints', they are very different. They aren't different from the wolves! They are not only 'si' which once It hates, it's even more and more beautiful, you sing, you sing (besome) charity. Just ignore it ". The sharing of Duy Manh. Not only the personal name, but the important The point of Duy Manh attracts points and discussions from the network community.

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