Earn 20 Million / Month Thanks To Axie Infinity: No ‘lunch’ For Free

Many gamers have earned money by "plowing 'Axie Infinity. However, the information about this game has launched a free version of the play, but still earn money is incorrect.Axie Infinity is the famous Blockchain game developed by Vietnamese people. This game has made up the network community when a total capitalization value exceeds 1 billion USD. Up to now, the total value of AXS capitalization (Token Utility of Axie Infinity) has exceeded $ 3

.5 billion. The Axie Infinity is so interested in other than most other games, players can make money By participating in this game. To participate in fighting and doing tasks in Axie Infinity, players need to own at least 3 Axie (in-game characters) with a price of about 1,000 USD
at the same time At, each player can easily earn 150-180 SLPs (token rewards) through gaming. In the encrypted market, each SLP is currently exchanged at a price of 0.2 USD. This also means that players can earn $ 900, equivalent to about VND 20 million per month. Even so, to be able to earn advance from Axie Infinity, players will have to own 3 Axie (characters in Game). These Axies have an average selling price at about 300 USD. There are even Axie sold for millions of dollars. With such a high input fee, not everyone has enough funding to participate in this game. Coming soon, there is no need to quit still "plowing" is coin. COIN, this game is about to launch a special version called Axie Infinity: Origin
In this version, the player will not need to invest in investment but can still earn a small amount of SLP, although not much equal to the original version.Andie Infinity will provide Axie for 0 copper for players to get used to Game. However, when using these free Axie, gamers will not be able to earn money as if they spend buying. Photo: Trong Dat after this information was revealed, the Axie Infinity gamer community had a lot of mixed opinions. Many people think that the release of Axie Infinity: Origin will make SLP inflation faster. Meanwhile, some others have been excited when they are about to experience this game for free. However, according to official information from Axie Infinity, players can use the free Axie to "plow" money Rewards (SLP) in the game is fake news. It is true that Axie Infinity will have a free copy so people can get acquainted and access to the game. However, players who use free Axie in their team will not be able to make money (SLP). Before that, confirm with VietNamNet, Nguyen Thanh Trung - CEO Axie Infinity once said, will develop more features for allows players to participate in the Axie world without a fee. This is also a way for non-capital players who can also participate in this game. Also, next to Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis - Studio Game Development is also cherished to launch more many other titles. According to the latest data from Cryptoslam electronic money analysis company, the revenue of the Token trading in Axie Infinity is currently worth 1,055 billion USD. Since the game debuted in 2017, there were 2.4 million transactions made, 324,850 buyers, 936,065 owned token and more than 1 million daily active users.

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