Earn Hundreds Of Millions By Reminding Others To Study, Take Dogs For A Walk

Some Chinese people have made money by monitoring others doing daily tasks in 9:00 am / 4: 52 south of the first year of university (2018), Yu BenQin quite a ridge. He played electronically until 3, 4 am every day and almost always came to the late class. Becomed with himself, Yu, when it was a student at the Wenzhou University (Zhejiang Province), sought Promote yourself. When not effective, Yu gave a solution to him and the roommates will help each other. They agree to get up at the same time every morning and if someone doesn't do it, others will pull you out of bed

. The arrangement helped Yu wake up on time, but he was still neglected in other aspects. Then, while looking for books on self-discipline on Taobao, Yu caught the service "people monitoring". That's whom you have to pay for them to urge, remind you to complete what to do
This service has a high demand, Yu quickly seized the opportunity. In March 2018, Yu opened the online store on Taobao, recruiting dozens of the same school and established the first monitoring team. They have a goal of promoting people to complete the work. You always have errands like to wake up on time, take the dog for a walk, pick you up to school, or even prepare for exams ... In particular, in the context of greatness forces many people to work more at home, the increasing supervisor needs. Customers can be 5, 6 years old, even 50 years old or older while these Supervisors are college students or graduates, only need to earn more money.Yu, 21 years old, only take 2 years to earn monthly revenue for more than 100 thousand yuan (over 354 million dong). After the first monitoring service store on Taobao, he opened two more stores, each store had its own staff
The 3rd store debuted at the moment the pandemic began last year, this Only help increase sales. Yu's stores are ranked among the top 5 surveillance services on Taobao, only one store alone brought more than 4,000 yuan (more than 14 million VND) / day. On the peak period, Yu recruitment Applying over 1,000 supervisors, with about 400 people applying a job every day, with a salary of about 100-150 yuan (350-530 thousand VND) / month for each customer they support. Service level for customers is common and intensive. Common service users to report their progress and supervisors only check 3 times / day (noon, evening and before going to bed). But those who pay for in-depth service will Get the reminder before and after each task, the results are checked through photos or videos and they talk to the night supervisor. After comparing prices with other stores, Yu decided to charge 133 people Currency (nearly 470 thousand dong) / month for conventional monitoring services and 400 yuan (more than 1.4 million) / month for intensive services.zhu Hecun (21 years old) opened the front yu 3 years . Coming from Henan Province, Zhu established a store selling phone screen protector when 12 years old. After that, he attended e-commerce sector at a vocational school for 5 years after graduating from junior high school.Zhu Hecun.In 15, Zhu heard a woman telling her sister's story paid For a supervisor and offer he should also try. It is in 2015, when only about a dozen stores provide monitoring services. In the first 2, 3 years, there are not many participants. Zhu monitors all customers, working throughout the day, hardly having time to eat. However, Zhu's store has increased rapid sales after it was introduced in the directions Communication in 2018. The number of British weekly orders has increased 5, 6 times. Unable to manage every job, he started recruiting some part-time workers. Currently, his part-time supervisors have about 100 members. Zhu said that most supervisors are women. "If 100 applicants, 98 people will be women, and the other two will not stay long," he said. According to him, most men are not good at encouraging, encouraging like women. You said, many supervisors who work for him are curious about work or just like to help others. Even, many tenants are quite fake. For example, a person with 5 properties in Shanghai and others even studied abroad abroad. Songsong, first year students in Chengdu, part-time work for Zhu. She supervised about 100 people in less than 3 months and could monitor up to 45 people every day. But sometimes supervisors also face difficulties. The more customers will not be able to avoid many customers who need to be reminded at the same time. In one time, Songsong tells, a fastidious customer has slept forgot and does not pick up the magnetic school because of the reminder Songsong came too late. Soon after, the customer canceled the contract with her. Also, paying for a supervisor

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