Earth Is Destroyed If This Bad Happens

According to experts, in the case of sun exploding, humanity will be able to face the end of the world. At that time, half of the earth surface would like to turn into 'fire pan'. Most live creatures will die in a short time. The sky plays an important role in human life. So in the future, if the sun explodes, humanity may face the daily tragedy

. Specifically, according to the research of experts, the sun is in the center of the sun system Large energy source with terrible waves. It is the moment, the sun is about 10 billion years old. According to the calculations of experts, the sun will exist about 4-5 billion years more
Now, after the time, the sun will enter the state of red giant stars when the source of hydrogen in the core is exhausted. Next, the sun starts to erupt the helium and the core temperature will increase to hundreds of millions of degrees. In the process of expansion because of that heat, the outer layer of the sun can expand with the current position of The planets around it. The Earth is one of them.Where, the life of humans on Earth will face many dangers. The sun loses the mass in the giant red stage as well as the global orbit makes it shift further on the outside. After this stage, the giant heat pulse will make the sun Its outer layers to create nebula. Finally, the sun will become a white dwarf and cold in a few billion years. In the case of sun explosion, humans will not see the explosion. One of the reasons is the distance between the sun with Earth up to 150 million km
To light away from the sun to us, need a process of 8 minutes long. The destructive dynamic causes humans and lives on earth that is at risk of destroying scientists' calculations, 1/2 of the Earth surface will like to turn into "fire pan" because of the heat from the explosion Sun. Most live creatures will be burnt and died in a short time. The readers watch the video: The most closed sunshine images are announced. Source: tap1.gam (according to grunge)

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