East Mediterranean Gas Forum (emgf) And The War Control Of Energy In The Region

The Vanand Meliksetian expert of the Oilprice news page recently has the article about the competition to control gas resources between countries in the Mediterranean East region. Natural oil and gas history contain a lot Conflict and instability both in the past and extend to the present. The Mediterranean East region emerges as a promising energy area, increasing existing stress among some coastal countries in the region, but on the other hand, it promotes cooperation between other countries. One of the countries with a significant benefit and role in the competition of resources in Eastern Mediterranean is Egypt. Approving the Related Charter The Mediterranean East Gas Forum (EMGF) affirms the importance of gas exporters in general and Egypt in particular, political and economic, Egyptian Succeeded in strengthening its position as a major gas manufacturer and exporter in the region, and shows a role as an energy center

. Besides, the large domestic consumption market, abundant production capacity, plus the strategic position of Egypt causing the country to become an ideal candidate to hold the headquarters of EMGF in Cairo. Economic logic edge, Egypt's growing population size requires increasing raw material mass to meet increasing consumption needs. Therefore, liquidity and access to additional energy sources are very important to improve energy security
The Egyptian government itself draws a lesson from 2014 - 2015, when natural gas produced domestically for export is redirected to a strong increase in consumption demand in the country. After becoming a net importer in 2015, the country's two liquefied gas production facilities in IDKU EN DAMIETTA were modernized for serving gas recasting.Emgf tried to practice The country is rich in energy resources in the East Mediterranean through dialogue, establishing policies, ensuring safety and trust to increase investment and support growth. The Charter is signed and approved by founding members, including Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Palestine and France. The US and EU play a role in observers. Notably, Turkey was standing outside while the two European countries were not geographically in this area and the law became a member. This partially shows the difficult geopolitical reality, including Turkish isolation. The gas fields in the Mediterranean East region. Source: Documentation. According to Egyptian Petroleum, the headquarters of EMGF in Cairo is a very important step for Mediterranean countries and is a special victory for Egypt
Egypt will become the area of the region's natural gas production and export and export of EMGF's ratification, Cyprus and Egypt recently taking advantage of the opportunity to reaffirm the combined cams bilateral cooperation. Leaders of the two countries expressed willing to strengthen cooperation in political, economic, commercial and agricultural areas. The two countries mainly share the confrontation with Turkey - the country that is said to have hostile behaviors and isolated neighbors. More importantly, Cyprus and Egypt have reaffirmed their commitment to sharing energy infrastructure connecting their resources. A subwashing pipeline connects Cyprus offshore gas fields scheduled to be built in 2024 - 2025 to provide gas for Egyptian LNG production facilities, then re-export air to Europe. The project will also reinforce the base of supply for Egypt. Currently, Israeli gas supply has been exported to Egypt's LNG facilities before providing the European market. Besides natural gas and EMGF, Egypt is pursuing a three-party approach with Cyprus And Greece in using fossil fuels. The three countries are said to sign a memorandum of understanding in September this September, pave the way for the construction of the EuroaFrica subway transmission line. With this power transmission line, the EU can take advantage of the significant energy of Egypt in the production of IR in general and solar energy in particular. However, the road aims to integrate Europe - Africa is still long and Many difficulties. In addition to the technical and large-cost technical challenges, Turkey may once again have aggressive activities. The Turkish government signed a border division agreement with Libya to fight the ambition of the three sides Greek - Cyprus - Egypt. Although this border agreement is not internationally recognized, Turkey can use it to cause instability. Commercials always avoid instability and conflict. Therefore, it is not certain that, whether trading companies are willing to invest billions of dollars into a project that may have delays even canceled due to geopolitical complexity. For example, the challenges from the Turkish Navy operate near the project area. However, Turkey's provocation will also affect C?

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