East Sea: Vietnam Objected To Chinese Ships Exploration In Hoang Sa

All scientific exploration, surveying and research activities in the Paracel without the permission of Vietnam are violating sovereignty and the relevant rights of Vietnam.0: 00/1: 47 Nam Dinh Southern China Son is expected to enter the Paracel Islands in the East Sea in October 2021. (Source: China Daily) Answer the reporter's question, suggested that Vietnam's response to the news of research ships "University of Ton Trung Son" in October 2021 to "promote exploration of rich talented waters Former "Near the Hoang Sa Islands, the East Sea, the spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang said that all scientific exploration, survey and research activities in the Paracel Islands without the permission of Vietnam are invaded Sovereignty and related rights of Vietnam, illegal and invaluable. Vietnam has full legal basis and historical evidence confirming sovereignty over the Paracel and Truong Sa archipelago, as well as the Legal rights for the waters of Vietnam are determined in accordance with the United Nations Conventions on the 1982 Sea Law. Large-sized mobile laboratory on the sea ", with a length of 113m, 19

.4m wide and water resilience 6.880 tons. On the deck, 760m2 floor surface is for laboratories Fixed and more than 610m2 for 10 container-type mobile laboratories, allowing researchers to collect samples on the sea and analyze them right on board before moving data on land
There is a helicopter To transport people and equipment as well as allow unmanned aircraft (UAV) to take off to expand the scope of aerial science, on the sea and seabed. Authorities are expected to install an additional weather radar on the ship next year. Alison Yu Weidong in the atmosphere of the atmosphere, Ton Trung Son University said in the newspaper newspaper in the evening, the ship Will arrive in the Paracel Islands of Vietnam in October, to study "moisture in the western boundary of the South China Sea as well as neighboring waters to provide scientific support in natural disaster prevention. ".

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