Eating Shop At The Commercial Center Still ‘freezing’

Due to the number of limited drivers, it is necessary to confirm the applications a lot of difficulties, not to mention the increasing delivery costs that make people hesitated to think about 9: 00/3: 20 South of Saigon Trading Corporation -The a member (SATRA) said that, there are about 165 convenient food stores satra (satrafoods) in Ho Chi Minh City. Along with being granted more than the number of road paper, Satrafoods has gradually returned to act as the time before tightening the way of stretching the way so the amount of orders quickly delivered to the people throughout the city, especially the area Area to market. Forms on September 12, the SATRAFOODS store chain conducted more than 9,800 combos with a total value of nearly 3.4 billion dong. 12 combos are combined for only 55,000 VND / combo to 560,000 VND / combo depending on super The market, customers can also buy fresh foods to other essential necessities

. People currently have only been purchased online within the county. Photo: M.sWith every order placed through Be, in addition to order value and delivery fee depending on the location, the service fee to the market is 15,000-25,000 VND / order
Orders are delivered within two hours. Songs, Sachramart Pham Hung supermarket also receives an online application via Zalo after obtaining a delivery license in Binh Chanh district. Current orders only receive internal delivery The district, with a minimum order value of VND 500,000 / single, fixed delivery costs are VND 25,000 / single. Also according to Satra representative, currently according to the regulations tighten the ways of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, the talent Delivery trucks are only allowed to be delivered in the county. Therefore, whether combined with delivery applications but only customers in the county have a supermarket can order through the app. Also, due to the number of limited drivers, average only from 8-10 Drivers / District, District, so the application confirms a lot of difficulties, not to mention the increased delivery costs that make people hesitate to think about themselves. Aviation is broken and the price is stable, connecting with professional transport service providers, online applications are still promoted. Satra representation also information, until now, though Catering (F

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