Economic Development From Mushroom Growing

Previously, mushroom growing was considered an extra profession that added income besides rice cultivation, fruit orchards. Now, growing mushrooms have been sustainably developed by farmers in localities, investing and applying more technical, efficient and professional, helping farmers have stable income, even become sources. The main income of the family. From leaving work is working in a business, Mr. Tran Cong Creates (Vinh Loi Commune, Chau Thanh District, An Giang Province) decided to start a business with a healing mushroom growing model

. However, his intention created did not receive support from the family. Partly because he is having a stable job, partly because before local with mushroom growers but failed. He tried to persuade, determined to implement the model from the knowledge learned from the Internet, visiting mushroom farms in localities as well as participating in model shows of extension officers
said, mushroom cultivation is not as easy as people think, besides grinding care techniques, it is necessary to persevere and constantly learn. "Who succeeds without sometimes failing, I made the mushroom five years ago and sometimes" Trac ", such as: Mushrooms are black, low productivity ... However, when finding the cause of led Left, next time I will fix it thoroughly, not to get back. Those are the knowledge that yourself must be able to do it yourself "- he creates sharing. His abalone mushrooms create today, he created growing straw mushrooms and fungus abalone in the closed house. For mushroom growing pattern, he creates small room division for easy management and substance to shelves, with raw materials mixed from straw, cotton fabric, sawdust ..
the ratio of mixing materials is much, less depending on The technique of each employee and cost, whichever cheap will be used more. Besides, mixing mixing with straw mushrooms with productivity and quality of fragrant, delicious, more nutritious. If it is a new mushroom farm, the yield of mushrooms obtained will be high, with 1 ton of mixing materials to collect About 250kg of mushrooms / crops. With old camps (mushrooms through many times), productivity will gradually decrease, about 160-180kg of mushrooms / crops. Old mushroom farms, reduced productivity are due to air, mushrooms in the mushroom, whether disinfecting, time isolation between sessions. The yield decreases but at an acceptable level, farmers still have a profit. In addition to supporting hashing machines from the cooperation project between An Giang - Sweden, he created and invested in a straw mixing machine to save labor, making a lot, higher productivity than manual. "Growing mushrooms in a cylindrical house will be more effective than the shelves, because it is useful to maximize the area to size meow mushrooms. In addition, cultivating cylindrical straw mushrooms suitable for families with small areas can still be able to grow, "he created an explanation. Hai this year, besides making mushrooms, he created 2 more mushroom farms Abalone, with an area of about 200m2 contains over 5,000 bottles of mushroom billet. Abalone mushroom productivity ranges from 150-300gr / mushroom billet, depending on rain or sun. "The rainy season, more humidity, abalone mushrooms have a higher productivity, in a high temperature season, despite watering, moisture soup, productivity is not equal. In this July's full moon, abalone mushrooms can harvest a few hundred kilos every day. Due to the epidemic, I'm very worried, not known how market demand is "- he creates sharing. Mushroom growing at home, he created the design, supplying raw materials, technical advice for farmers in Local planting mushrooms, including straw mushrooms and abalone mushrooms. According to him, when deciding to plant mushrooms, farmers must calculate, from finding quality raw materials with original prices, grinding techniques for care and treatment of diseases. Besides, to ensure a stable output must be connected with consumption clues to provide regular fungi, the price is more stable. "The mushroom shelves in the mushroom rooms are constantly substanced and the head pillow There are mushroom harvest every day for clues, especially preparing a lot in full moon days, at the end of the month. Thanks to a reasonable calculation, the moment the disease of the straw mushroom remains evenly, the selling price is stable, somewhat suck "- he creates sharing.

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