Ecopark – Resort Space ‘million Dreams’ Mid-season

About 13km from Hoan Kiem Lake, Ecopark is a peaceful place in the middle of the season with endless green space, the vast water surface, the roadside roads are filled with grass flowers, birds of birds and wind sounds.0: 00 / 3: 27 NAM NETWORK FINANCE BEAUTY OF NATURAL NATURAL TEMPERATURE TIME TIME GARDRES ON THE CAVE COVID-19 first, HOAI (over 70 years old) has been welcomed by the son of Ecopark to rest. While many old friends have to make a secret way in the ward street, Hoai Hoai is resorted in the middle of the green urban area, around the house where it is a park and a lake. Early, I want to walk around a round Together with her grandmother, every morning, I will be drowned in the lake on the lake, watching the blooming flowers, listening to the birds, breathing fresh air. Both walking roads of kilometers, somedowing only a few people to drop the car through

. The green space and the water surface here is too large for everyone to be able to fluctuate between nature, but still ensure the way of stretching in accordance with regulations. In early 2021 sold his house in Hai Ba Show to buy a large apartment in Ecopark, because she said that the natural environment here will be good for the development of the children. At the moment before the translation, the two sons of Ms
Hoai Anh solely woke up early breakfast at home, then two brothers and coughing themselves in the urban area. From the day of the epidemic, different from the local friends to be friends with television, computers, the 2 children of Ms. Hoai Anh still stopped cycling for a walk, exploring nature in the urban area. Feeling the most fun is that only in the short time of the Covid season, 2 children can tell if the shelves of birds and beetles, each species and flowers in the urban area. In the Ecopark Marathon competition took place, the 12-year-old grandmother conquered the road of 21 km, 8-year-old small conquest easily to run 10km. "In particular, children love nature, love animals and rich in heart More humanity, "Ms. Hoài Anh said. Mother of Ho Hoai Anh Thong Khuyen for walking in urban areas is Hoai Anh's neighbor, recently, Thanh Tung (32 years old) made the community love home on Facebook With a 300 m2 apartment filled with lotus in the heart of Ecopark. Thanh Tung is passionate about traveling and never thought he had to stay home for a few months because the disease was so complicated. From a person who is ready to carry backpacks and goes to explore any location, a year ago, spare at home planting, taking flowers, fish farming
He and his wife - Ms. Phan Thanh Thao together designed a garden, Lake Sen right at the 30th floor apartment, as a relaxing place, to relax and remember the distant tours. Peaceful space in Ecopark during the Ecopark season On this occasion, it is not difficult to feel anyone's desire for an endless green space with the vast water surface, the roadside roads filled with grass flowers, small lane full of flowers, thick trees , small sun rays skewered through each of the leaves ... on shady roads, people of Cleanswellers bike a rare peace in the episodes. Diseases changing the habit of living, Hoai Anh or Thanh Tung dropped home in the city center to live in Ecopark, the most obvious evidence of the epidemic trend to change the habit of living many families. Covid-19 made people interested in more health, wanting to stay away from stuffy ward spaces, looking back with healthy nature. Many people start taking care of their home. They bought a house not only to stay but also want to enjoy the spiritual value in that house, want to turn the house into the resort to be able to enjoy in the family. Catching the trend, real estate investors at Vietnam has recently launched many "Gu" products who buy a house, catch "the new" Trend "of the market as developing urban areas according to the resort model. Instead of having to take a remote vacation, right in the areas of along along the coastal area, urban gateways, people can completely find a particularly rare experienced and enjoyable spaces.

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