Ecuador: The Groom Was Arrested At The Wedding Because He Did Not Pay For His Ex-wife

Daily Mirror reported that, in Ecuador, the police interrupted a wedding and arrested the groom because he did not pay for his wife for the old wife.0: 00/1: 21 namtheo, a named man Give a wedding ring with the person you love before the witness of the guests, but before he could say the word of love with the future wife, the police hit the wedding. for ex-wife. (Photo: Unsplash) The police officer arrested the man and handed him to the middle of the big day, despite the bride to delay the arrest until the wedding was completed. Witnesses, the future wife of the frustrated guy ran under the police car and screamed

. After that, the bride was supposed to have on another car to follow the groom. It was that the man did not pay for his old wife for several months, whom he had two children. After interrogation, the groom acknowledged his sin
According to the local media, it is unclear whether the man has escaped the allowance to allow the children of ex-wife or not and whether he finally Can marry the new wife. Netizens expressed their opinions: "Some shows into the bride, others condemn the man because of the wedding money without worrying for the wife's children Old "." Why did the police wait until after completing the marriage. It's poor for the woman, "said a comment on Twitter." He has money to celebrate the wedding but does not have child support ", another person leaving comments.

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