Edit Regulations On Management And Use Of Risk Provisions

The State Bank issued Circular 06/2021 / TT-NHNN amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 39/2013 / TT-NHNN dated December 31, 2013 of the Governor of the State Bank (SBV) Regulations on identifying, setting up and using the risk provisions of the State Bank. Source / TT-NHNN for losses used for risk provision for handling. Specifically, after using recovery measures but not obtained, the SBV uses risk provision for handling for the rest of the losses after being offset from the compensation of the compensation Organizations and individuals that cause losses, insurance organizations and handling of security assets (if any) arise from the following items: Money and gold submitted at foreign banks, lending and payment with foreign bank. Loss of money and gold deposited at foreign banks, lending and paying with foreign banks due to force majeure causes such as the country where the State Bank invests or custody of warranties of war, terrorist and bankruptcy , natural disasters and foreign banks are no longer able to pay for securities investment activities in the international financial market

. Investment securities in the international financial market are lossed by objective causes such as war, terrorism and natural disasters leading to the SBV who cannot collect enough values of records of such securities, the SBV uses the project Rooms for risks to handle loss losses of loans including debts (roots and interest) are deleted according to the Prime Minister's decision, but are not source-powered by the Government to compensate for the SBV; Loans, replacement of credit institutions that have enough evidence are certainly no longer able to recover debts when credit institutions are dissolved (for old debts incurred before the State Bank's Law of Vietnam in 1997 takes effect), bankruptcy according to the provisions of law. Payment with the State and the State budget. The SBV presided over and coordinates with the Ministry of Finance to report and submit to the Prime Minister for permission to use risk provisions for handling payments with the State and the State budget, including: payments with payments The state and the State budget has been over the payment deadlines or no payment term and after a minimum of 5 years have not been repaid or not taken measures
Receivables must collect organizations and individuals. Original vouchers demonstrate unpaid debt objects. Receivables are likely to lose, not recovered in the process of operation of the SBV but have evidence to determine the subjects to be collected as a dissolved organization (for the old debt arising before the time of the State Bank's Law Vietnam in 1997 takes effect), bankruptcy; Objects to be collected are dead; The debt has requested the judgment execution but cannot be implemented because the subjects must be lost and absent at the residence. The identification of individuals is absent in the residence, the missing and die declaration shall comply with the provisions of Article 64, Article 68, Article 71 of the Civil Code in 2015. The losses in payment activities and banks Funds and managers of foreign exchange reserves and stabilization interventions in the domestic gold market include: a-losses while carrying out payment activities such as technical incidents of payment and technology networks ...; b- Ventes on money, gold, precious assets and valuable papers arising in funding activities such as losses during transportation on the road have occurred incidents caused by force majeure causes including suffered accidents, robbed, destructive, natural disasters, fires, wars, terrorism and cash losses, precious assets, valuable papers at the transaction and warehouse due to vandalism, robbed, fire, natural disasters, war, terrorism; c- Losses incurred in state exchange reserve management activities and stabilizing gold market stabilization in the country such as losses in gold quality inspection, gold price reduction. This treatment is valid Execute from August 16 / 2021.Minh Duc

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