Edtech – ’emerging Star’ During The Epidemic

While Covid-19 made many businesses to "bundle pillow 'waiting for time, many startups in the field of education technology (Edtech) suddenly became the' emerging stars' attracting the attention of investors When people tend to move to online learning in the Total Plain of the Plague.0: 00/4: 07 Yuan HAPPY in the early days of March 2020 when Covid-19 is still very complicated in Vietnam, Elsa - Startup on educational technology (EDTECH) founded by Van Dinh Hong Vu, has done an unprecedented thing, which is "Open Toang" system for everyone to practice English pronunciation for free on My platform. "It is a decision not easy," Ms. Vu used to share. The reason is because this startup is still very little personnel

. Open the system means that the whole team must operate almost 24/7 to maintain its operations ..
The trust of capital for capital Many million USDs turns out to bring more "sweet fruits" worthy. Along with the traffic and installation of the spike later, in February this year, the foundation reached tens of millions of users also officially called the Series B. Series B. Number of investment 15 million USD It is supposed to help Edtech continue to conquer new markets. Vietnam is the most attractive investment in the region, and the next time, investors will focus on three main areas of education, Cham Financial Services and Financial Services. Not only ELSA, the first half of 2021 also witnessed memorable milestones of other startups in the educational segment in the journey to call capital. In June, Equest Education Group suddenly revealed to receive investment from one of the world's largest investment companies KKR. The investment is said to be up to 100 million USD expected to help Equest expand operations and continue the mission to bring Vietnamese students and students the opportunity to access world-class quality education with spending Fits suitable. EDTECH area (educational technology) is growing. Because of safety, people tend to move to online learning in Covid-19
Report of Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on technology sector in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, arguing that Vietnam is the most attractive investment in the region, and the next time, heads Private will focus on three main areas of education, health care and financial services. Share with Vietnam Economic Magazine / Vneconomy, Ms. Le Hoang Uyen Vy - CEO of Ventures, for Ventures Knowing in Edtech has four large arrays, Content (previous recording lessons in the form of Video or Banks Exam), Live-Class (online classes with teachers, can follow a one-one or group form), OMO (online modeling combination offline), B2B (process management solution for schools or educational institutions). The early stage of the Vietnam Edtech market comes from Content and is starting to move to the Live-Class. Leading but not "easy to eat" despite the potential, Song Edtech is not an easy "land" Mining and bringing success for the majority. Most startups and educational business models need to be passionate and persistent because of economic efficiency, do not match other areas of consumption, dining, or entertainment. Uyen Vy, under the impact of Covid-19, online learning has become essential and this is a favorable time for startups in the field of Edtech to create a breakthrough. Specifically, startups can take advantage of technology to enhance the experience for both students and schools. For example, the application of AI technology, Machine Learning will help orient, propose appropriate curriculum according to the specific capacity and objectives of each student. Or school management solutions will help teachers and schools manage teaching processes more effectively and promote digitization in education. With the story of Elsa, CEO Dinh Hong Vu said when new Starting the business she had to determine it would not be able to only create a better product than the existing ones. "What we can and have to do is create a true creative product, different from the usual ways, in a shorter about 3 years," CEO Elsa said. More, how to call The leading technology experts in the world are working with themselves, by talent in the field of artificial intelligence and voice recognition as well as "autumn leaves", very scarce is also a difficult problem. Although many difficulties plus how many times have changed, editing, this founder of Edtech Startup has never wanted to give up. "Because of the dance, as well as colleagues always know that his product Then it will be widely received, when it can help English learners solve difficulties, it is a pronunciation ", CEO Elsa shares.

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