Education Of Stonehenge Stone Center

Cultivation work, repairing cracked positions and patching vulnerabilities on prehistoric giant stones in Stonehenge began on September 14. The British Heritage Agency said that this is one of the most renovation and repair cases for this world heritage. Stonehenge, England. (Photo: Wikipedia) Prehistoric stones dating to 4,500 years are one of the most famous monuments in the world. This relic will be handled with erosion-related problems, and overcome previous repairs with detailed laser scanning techniques

.Heather Sebire, Stonehenge regional manager for British heritage agencies shared : "Stonehenge is a unique stone circle with brunks and special couplings to protect these beams in place. 4,500 years, the project has been eroded, the wind rain has created broken cracks and surface vulnerabilities, and this remodeling project will overcome all those damages, protecting structures that make For the structures to become special ". The scaffolds will be high up to the top of the building, the largest scaffolding has a height of about 9m, which will prevent cracks that are increasingly wide and replacing the concrete section Repairing works since the 1950s, 1960
The British heritage agency also said: As part of the project, Mr. Richard Woodman-Bailey is 71 years old, who has placed a coin underneath the giant rock In 1958 when he was 8 years old, at the time of the project being repaired, this year will return to the new 2 board copper in the process of renovating the stone circle.Cha Woodman-Bailey once the chief architect of Agency for managing the British Ancient Ruins, in charge of preserving before.Nhuan (according to Reuters)

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