Educational Technology Attracts Capital

It is forecasted by the end of 2021, there will be about $ 4.4 billion to invest in the field of education, of which hundreds of educational technology projects will have the opportunity to receive capital in innovation and technological innovation Vietnam 2020 was released by Venture Investment Fund with Ventures and the National Creative Creative Innovation Center, the total investment of Vietnam's Start-Up Technology in this year reached 451 million USD. Noteworthy, educational technology (EDTECH) is the field of recognizing the increase in investment capital flows during the translation of Covid-19 outbreaks, besides 2 key areas of medical technology and financial services .Many million USD deals with translation Covid-19 in 2 years 2020, 2021 not only makes the school system to close the centers and classes also stop working. The idea of building a technological foundation of online tutoring in this context was quickly realized by the two founders of Pham Duc and Tran Viet Tung in early this year as Marathon

. Just in a short time, Marathon called 1.5 million USD of investment in Pre-Seed (seed money) from the Fund Forge Ventures, Venturra Discovery and Iseed Sea. Online will be the trend of the future
Even when translating Covid-19 passing .Pops: Bao Tran with the above capital, Marathon prepares to pilot teaching mathematics, reason and chemistry for grades 6-12 with 1-2 groups of teachers and students in the fourth quarter / 2021. It is expected that this start-up will introduce wide-scale courses at the beginning of 2022 in parallel with the expansion of other major courses and extracurricular courses. According to Mr. Raditya Pramana, Director of Venturra Discovery Fund, Although Quality The amount of education in Vietnam is currently higher than many countries in Southeast Asia but most of the students do not have the opportunity to learn more with the best teachers in the country. Therefore, this fund believes in the target of the Marathon when using technology to connect teachers to students to bring high quality educational products at a moderate cost to users nationwide. From the beginning of March 2020, when Translation Covid-19 only appeared and caused the initial disturbance, the founder of the Elsa foundation briefed the system of expanding the system for all practicing English pronunciation users. fee. The bold strategy helps the traffic, installation of a sudden increase and ELSA officially calls the successful capital B series with a number of up to 15 million USD after only 1 year. ELSA and Marathon, EDTECH market Last time also witnessed many commercial calls
In June, the Equest Education Group suddenly revealed to receive an investment of up to $ 100 million from a large investment company of the world. Another foreign start-up is Astrid (Sweden) also silently poured capital into the Vietnamese market with the online English learning app, "declaration of war" with 3 familiar apps are Yola, Elsa and Duolingo.Not easy to earn great benefits Mr. Wing Vasiksiri, Director of Iseed Sea Foundation, this fund sets many hopes on the potential of the Edtech market in Vietnam because the culture focuses on education with the children's population advantages. With fast sensitive technology accessibility. In the same way, Covid-19 translation promotes the transformation of worldwide learning models from online online also provides great opportunities for EDTECH investment funds. "Marathon's approach to the educational market is based on those advantages. With this app, the first time the country teaches the country to approach, connecting good teachers" - Mr. Wing Vasiksiri Due to the capital pouring into Marathon.Ba Le Hoang Uyen Vy, Executive Director of Venture Investment Fund due to Ventures, said EDTECH sector consists of 4 arrays: Content (Lesson in the form of Video or Title Bank), Live- Class (online classrooms with teachers in the form of 1: 1 or in groups), OMO (online modeling offline combination) and B2B (process management solutions for schools or educational institutions). Edtech Vietnam market comes from content in the first phase and is moving to Live-Class. "Under the impact of Covid-19 translation, online learning has become essential. This is also a favorable time to the Start-up in the field of Edtech creates a breakthrough towards taking advantage of AI (artificial intelligence), Machine Learning to enhance the experience for students, the school, especially the Program proposal Studying in accordance with the capacity and objectives of each student "- Representative of Venture Investment Fund said by Ventures Manh Dung, co-founding the Venture Investment Fund due to Ventures, identified the market's potential for development Edtech Vietnam is located in the common development orbit of Asia. Besides two major markets are China and India, Southeast Asia is being rated as facilitating EDTECH developed by the size of young population, fast growing economy, electricity use density Good smart voice and good Internet cover. Mr. Dung also said that moving to an online environment is an unchanged trend and is the opportunity for Edtech to explode in Vietnam.TUY, many founders identify Edtech are not "land". easy

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