Eef With Oriental Vision

The 6th Eastern Economic Forum returned as planned in the early days of September. It represents the determination of Russia and the countries in building a new vision for the regional economy. The growth is quickly initiated from 2015 and held in September every year at Vladivostok (Russian Federation) , Oriental Economic Forum (EEF) is a initiative of President Putin, with the original goal of developing the remote Far East region. At that time, Moscow wanted to aim to attract investment from two important neighboring partners to East Japan and China. Jobs and China are the two countries who need the largest energy imports The world, while Russia is increasingly emerging as a potential energy supplier

. However, in a long time, the energy supply from Russia is difficult to access markets in this east. The reason is mainly because Russia's Far East is too far away, how to return, few people live, the weak infrastructure system makes it difficult for implementing large projects. The call for investment from its own potential partners to build infrastructure, economic development, connecting areas not only to bring a new direction to Russia but also an opportunity for all countries Region such as Mongolia, North Korea or South Korea
The relationship with China has an important role in the development of EEF. The Russian Far East owns the huge reserve of oil, gas, coal and many other minerals. These are original raw materials and fuel for emerging production economies in the Asia-Pacific region. China's active participation in the regional economic model also creates significant attractions. Therefore, in the past years, EEF has constantly evolved with the number of countries attending a large one to become a big forum discussing the regional and economic policy of the region and the world. In 2015 to 2019, was the participation of many Asian countries as well as representatives of businesses and large corporations, EEF affirmed its growth. From EEF, Russia has found new economic relations with ASEAN and many partner countries. The forum has promoted cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, simultaneously promoting and attracting investment in the Vien Dong area wide, rich in Russia's resources. In 2019, the 5th EEF had the participation of 8,500 people from 65 countries and territories. At the sixth time of this organization, despite the limits due to the translation of Covid-19, EEF still welcomed 4,000 guests from 51 countries and became the world's largest forum meeting since the pandemic outbreaks
If in the 3rd time in 2017, the number of contracts signed at Vladivostok was only 217 with a total value of 2,496 billion ruble (35 billion USD), until 2019, this number was over 270 agreements Price of 3,400 billion ruble (47 billion USD). These figures are enough to tell the growth of a young forum like EEF.The east Asia - Pacific region is expected to be the center of the world In the 21st century. Therefore, all powers want to influence in this area. EEF is an effective Russian tool, with that goal. Formed in the period of 2014-2015, when Russia stumbled with difficulties due to the embargo from Western countries, EEF is a way for Russia to open their eastern doors to find partners and friends New. Russian water in the past is based on traditional relations from the Soviet Union to create connections with regional countries. However, in the 21st century, when all relationships are towards economic benefits, Russia must also adjust policies. An announced since 2010, the East-east policy of Russia aims to reduce its economic dependence on the West and take advantage of opportunities from Asia's growing economies. Russian "rotating shaft" policy, therefore, aiming to expand cooperation. In a long time, China occupies the main position in Russian policy in Asia, as an importer of raw materials biggest. But, the growing influence of China with its position is the largest economy that has overshadowed the role of Russia in the region. This has motivated Russia to seek a new approach and new opportunities in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. EEF, therefore, was developed into an open multilateral mechanism so that every partner could find Russia.EEF in 2021 was full after a year postponed because of Covid. This shows the great efforts of Russia while affirming their reputation in the international arena. Not only is the original supplier, fuel, through EEF, Russia also participates in regional economic policy planning, affirming its powers on the world geopolic map.EEF 2021 Appearance of many countries in the region. New landscape - the new vision of Covid-19 translation is still raging around the world to make it difficult for many economic activities. But, in the challenge is always there

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