Effective From Automatic Rain Measuring Device Of Vietnamese People

Piles against the shortcomings of manual rainfall measurement methods, a group of engineers of Bac Hung Hai Irrigation Operator Limited Liability Company has embarked on research and fabrication Being measured automatically. Do not only overcome the limitations of traditional rain measurement, compared to other types of machines with similar functions in the market, this device has a high accuracy, cheap price, easy to test Public, suitable for many regions and regions, helping to improve the efficiency of management and exploitation of irrigation works. The rain gauge is created by Bac Hung Hai Hung Company. Photo: Manh Tu / TTXVN to excel from the years before, at a limited liability company of Northern Hung Hai irrigation construction, the measurement was manually conducted. Every day, workers must use manual rain meters to measure rain at least 2 times in the day of 7 hours and 19 hours

. This method has a disadvantage that has just consumed effort, there are many errors due to manual measurement again, hard to aggregate, difficult to access data ..
It is worth mentioning, this handwork is potential risk of loss Full labor for workers when measured in stormy storms, thunder. Mr. Trinh The School, Chairman of the board of limited liability companies a member of Northern Hung Hai irrigation works, number Rain monitoring is very important, which is the basis for issuing decisions to operate irrigation works to serve agricultural production, people and disaster previews. In fact, being equipped with automatic measurement, monitoring systems (SCADA) for irrigation systems Replacing manual measurement is essential to ensure continuous data, helping to serve the work Operating works and irrigation systems promptly, promoting irrigation efficiency. In recent years, the Northern Hung Hai irrigation system and some localities have also invested in installing automatic rainfall monitoring equipment. However, these devices have a high price and cost of maintenance, dependence on imported technology and components. Practically, in 2016, Bac Hung Hai Company and Computer Joint Stock Company Automation T

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