Efforts To Make Drama Episodes

Manufacturers attempted to create entertainment products, value messages to the audience in the prevention of Covid-190: 00/4: 43 namphim "Tomorrow Binh Yen" is broadcasting on VTV3 The life of the people in the period of distance of the social prevention of Covid-19 epidemic. Previously, the movie "The days without forgetting" with the same topic was broadcast to serve the audience. These dramas have propagated, the message comes to the people in a flexible and impressive way. The value of the value "Tomorrow Binh Yen" is directed by the director - NSSu Vu Truong Khoa and Director Hoang Trich . The script is built on what's going on during the time of epidemic, long-term social ways

. The production of the film is expected to be a spiritual, entertainment and propaganda to raise awareness for the audience to join the disease prevention. Broadcast on VTV3 from August 12, Content Film focus Mr. Phat's family, a construction enterprise owner
Like many others, he has just had a family of anti-epidemic, which must maintain the company's operations, worry about employees. During this time, the whole family rarely goes out, all conflicts, personality does not match the revelation. In order to finally, from the story that happened due to the difficulties due to the translation, Mr. Phat has a deeper feeling about sharing and understanding. This is also an opportunity for family members to feel about the body, meaning ie.phim "The days do not forget" talking about the epidemic. (Photo cut from the screen) at the previous epidemic, the audience also has the opportunity to enjoy the movie "The days of forgetting" of the Dung Dung and Trinh Le Phong as the director, the Vietnam Drama Production Center (VFC) Performing.phim is a special version for the combination of 2 movies "Going home" and "human girl". The film context is filmed in Hanoi and Bac Ninh, with the participation of artists: NSND Hoang Dung, NSND Trung Anh, Thu Quynh, Bao Thanh, Bao Han, Tuan Tu .
. has recreated the lives of two space Typically the city and rural when the epidemic comes. Since then, each individual needs to have a more sense of responsibility for the community, solidarity and jointly prevent disease prevention, overcome all difficulties. Cat Vu journalist, dramas exploiting the topic Covid-19 is usually not easy to do because the production time is urgently, it is necessary to integrate messages and propaganda prevention of dry capital, difficult to create attractive. Therefore, the audience is also hard to demanding these works to improve, only hoping for the film and entertainment and completing the propaganda task. "Es-Crew efforts at this time still create work to serve the audience. fake, have the need to be encouraged. Because there are them, the propaganda, calling for solidarity, an anti-epidemic, family affection is conveyed to people in the form of flexible, easy to understand , more easy to receive "- Cat Vu journalist commented. It is difficult to carry the film between pandemic is a challenge, especially in stressful epidemic circumstances, stretching from social ways to take place. However, with the experience already obtained when implementing "non-forgotten days", VFC continues to implement the implementation of "Binh Yen tomorrow". Du Truong Khoa shared: "Before the epidemic situation Complex developments, we are required to make this film so everything is rushed from the idea of building scripts, production deployments. Editorial team and scenery must grasp the spirit quickly, deploy the script Rushed to make time in production and broadcast schedule ".NSND Trung Hieu said:" The film is made at stress stage when Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and many other provinces and cities are implementing social ways. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of Vietnamese delegation members such as making a mask during the rotation process (only opened when acting), keeping the distance, bacteria and 5k implementation to protect themselves and others " . Environment, the movie "The days without forgetting" is also done in the same situation. The production of folding, the scenario clinging to the news and the film to do fast should gradually "swim" later. However, the audience remained sympathetic and said that with the work with the mission to propagate the anti-epidemic message, calling for solidarity, "the days do not forget" to complete the mission. In the first episodes, extension The society is not as strict as it is today but the filming is no less. The directors have to choose the context of the wilderness, less residents to perform first and then wait when the translation is controlled to turn the scenes in urban areas, the place where the director. Red sand "right in the first epidemic:" during the 2 months of Covid-19 translation, the film delegation acted as a military barracks. The actors even though there is no scene like huge average must also stay with the delegation for 2 months To ensure the general safety ". With the current situation, the phase of implementing works with propaganda, interway, entertainment is a great efforts of Ecop. Many people among the expectations of epidemics soon to operate art to be back. "The films of the epidemic

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