Efforts To Save The Last Lesbian Bar In New York

Many members join the Cubbyhole to help this bar history this 30-year history does not disappear against the harshness of Covid-19.02: 00/4: 40 namcubbyhole domain is one of the last 3 gay bars Female in New York (USA). Here, everyone can find authentic "family" after they are rejected by the intestinal relatives just because of their sexual orientation. "This is a great warm place. You can wander yourself into the shop and leave with a few new friends, "Lisa Menichino, the current owner of Cubbyhole, affirmed

. Lisa Menichino shop maintains Cubbyhole's operation for the past 20 years. Photo: Tom Silverstone / The Guardian. Helps to help restorate the 11/9 event, many hurricanes and snowstorms
However, when the pandemic made the entire Phong Khanh city in March 2020, Cubbyhole was forced to close for the first time after more than 30 years of existing. Familiar guests not only lose their favorite culture and losers His, but also lost a place they felt like home. Safety spaceCubbyhole opened in 1987 with the name Dt's Fat Cat and switched to the current name in 1994. It is the spirit of Tanya Saunders , female owner first. She wanted to run a lesbian bar but opened for all guests, regardless of their sexual trends. On the 80s, Cubbyhole is one of 200 lesbian bars across the United States . Currently, the figure drops only 21, of which 3 shops are located in New York. "We as if the species was at risk. These bars are the bridge between lesbians together to honor their identities and existence, and contribute to the struggle for LGBT rights. If they disappear, those meanings also dissolve, "Lisa said
" Some people might think they understand the difficulties of gay people. But in fact they don't understand, unless they are talking to someone on that circumstances, and understand how it must be raised, "she added. Cubbyhole is a joint fun of the US LGBT community. Photo: Jeanette Spicer / New York Times. Each employee, Customers in Cubbyhole have a story of their own, according to The Guardian. Mona Williams, a Queer (non-heterosexual person), only 21 years old on the day was kicked out of the house. It was also the first time Mona arrived in Cubbyhole located on the street corner in West Village, New York City. "I gorgeous makeup and wearing a leopard wretching dress. I remember that I was nervous, the type of 'I don't know who is here, how can I open it?' "Mona recalls.Song, the feelings of hangover, uncomfortable do not last too long. "I walked in the shop and was surprised to see many great lesbians gathered in the same place. Debbie, Bartender I met first in my life, made me feel welcome, "Mona said." The family "joined hands to help 2020, the customer must book before coming to Cubbyhole by Covid-19. Lisa only serves at the table and limits the number of people entering the shop, with a maximum of 30 guests at the same time. The air is completely contrary to what before: noisy, open and free. "We intend to operate in the outdoor space, but there are 15 rules and conditions to comply with", Lisa sighed. At that time, she did not income, and employees were paid through donations. The outdoor space of Cubbyhole was built by a lesbian carpenter for free. Photo: Tom Silverstone / The Guardian; Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner. In case it has not been exited, when the biggest snowstorm in the past decade poured into Manhattan District in December, Lisa had no other way other than closing the shop. Finally, she decided to accept help From others - one thing has never done before. A local artist has drawn impressive images with Cubbyhole imprint to print on goods and sell. Gradually, many locals start wearing Cubbyhole's shirts and sweatshirts and vests, donate tens of thousands of USD. A group of lesbian carpenters, headed is the 18-year passer of Candace Hewitt , has built free a reception area outdoors. "This is just a action to take care of the common family," she said. A local artist takes care of decorating its work, including green paint to match the color of the main shop. Meanwhile, Ji Hae Byun and his botanical design team in charge of the outdoor reception area with beautiful fake flowers. Fighting 4, on the opening night, Andy Cohen, TalkShow host America's first gay publicity and a long-term familiar guest of the shop, visited and encouraged people to share about cubbyhole on social networks. The scene is clear inside the cubbyhole bar. Photo: Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner. "People feel grateful when our shop reopened. Incredible. I have been working here for 20 years, but I'm just a gear in the operating machine

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