Egyptian Treasure ‘piercing’ To Europe, Appears With 155 Remains

Archaeologists have found Egyptian treasures more than 3,300 years old when excavating 2 collective tombs in Sweden's new Cyprus, with more than 500 stunning items in gold, gems and ceramics. According to Heritage Daily, in addition to Egyptian treasure, inside the tomb also has a cylindrical seals made of Hematit minerals with self-method (Iraq today), some carnelian red gems from India, stone iapis iazuli blue from Afghanistan, amber from the Baltic region. Blue lotus shape gold chain - Egyptian special symbol - Photo: Peter Fischer only has a reasonable way for treasures from remote places , Many points over 1,000 km, such as timeless and space, converging at this island: This must be the center of the commercial marine routes. Thus, the treasure is also evidence for trading activities to develop at the incredible level of the people here. Peter Fischer monks from the University of Gothenburg, the head of the Söderberg Expedition project, said 2 tombs A total of 155 remains, about 3,000 years

. Archaeologists have lost 4 years for excavation by extremely fragile remains after many millennium buried in saline soil.Hai other precious gold jewelry - Photo: Peter Fischerkho Egyptian treasure Mostly precious jewelry, is a burial map of the above remains. The bodies are stacked indicating that the tomb type is used through many generations
The grave in the tomb is the upstream, including special religious characters, such as a child 5-year-old children are carrying a necklace, a pair of earrings and crowns, all with net gold. Telled, the above Egyptian treasures are created in Egypt on the legendary Queen Nefertiti (approx In 1350 BC), including jewelry that was executed with this queen taste like Egyptian blue lotus pendant, gem mosaic. Ancient ceramic items are also very important . Not only do they are sophisticated and have an unbelievable value, but all "poisonous goods" are hunted from all over the world, for example a bullish-shaped drinking vessel. The archaeologists said They are still studying, the next step will be the DNA study of the remains.

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