Electric Vehicle Details Are Only 280 Million Vnd, About To Sell In Vietnam

Through the registration of industrial designs, many potential electric cars China ORA White Cat will launch Vietnam market in the future 9: 00/0: 00Nam in the North ORA White Cat power Huu of the second largest automobile corporation China - Great Wallpaper Electric ORA White Cat has not yet been revealed by the Chinese car company revealing a specific selling price, but known in the homeland market, the car priced from 75,800 - 88,800 people RMB, equivalent to 10,846 - 12,707 USD (about 270 - 316 million dong) and is a cheap car locator moving in the city. The ORA White Cat has two battery options, 34 kWh capacity (same electric motor There is a capacity of 48 hp and maximum torque of 125 nm) and 38 kWh (same electric motor with a capacity of 60 horsepower and maximum torque 130 nm) .xe owns compact, compact design Making small cars of Grade A in Vietnam. This model owns a long, wide, high size, respectively 3,625 x 1,660 x 1,530 (mm), the wheelbase at 2,490 mm.ora White Cat has a pretty design of Kei-car style cars of Japan, The box shape design should create spacious interior space but still compact to move flexible in urban areas

. Most likely ORA White Cat When selling to Vietnam market will be manufactured and imported from Thailand, similarly made of Japanese and MG automakers today.2 The electric motor version of ORA White Cat has Doc Li moves 360 km and 401 km for each fully charged. If the car imported from Thailand, the selling price of ORA White Cat will be much cheaper than the direct import from the Chinese market, due to related import tax policies among countries in Southeast Asia
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