Electronic Health Book Has A New Version

Electronic health book application has received updates to supplement and fix some features. However, the problem of lack of immunization certification has not been overcome. Night September 13, the application of electronic health books on iOS operating systems has received new updates, code 1.2.6

. App is added feature using two-nose vaccination certification when there is no internet. However, many users reflect the shortage of immunization certification that have not been resolved on new updates. Specifically, the cache feature (caching) Certification of vaccination when there are two injections A valuable improvement on the app
Users can use this certificate even without the Internet, faster operation. Electronic health book applications on iOS are updated. "Additional updates feature Save Name Name Without Internet network. This is useful to declare at the quarantine latch, because many people may have a problem of connecting 4G or not registering the mobile data package, "Dinh Kien, Lo in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City answered Zing.Ansap, the performance of the application is also significantly improved, accessing headings has faster feedback after updating. "In the new version, the application boot speed has been faster even if the interface has not changed much. Especially when I need to check the certificate of vaccination, I no longer have to wait for the previous download as before, "said Nguyen Minh Thanh, residing in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, sharing. However, according to Mr. Thanh, the biggest problem of the app Using the lack of injections has not been resolved. Mr
Minh Thanh was injected with two on September 4 at a working space of the ward, but so far has not been certified despite repeatedly reflects immunization information. SHAREWAYS ON THE RISES Many people lack Certification of vaccination, representatives of Viettel Solutions, the system operating unit said that this is not the application's fault, updating information will depend on the health workers in vaccinations. To request Adjusting immunization information, users can access https://tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn/portal/portal-report to update information. Earlier, many users reflect the situation of not finding the injection point on the Covid-19 immunization portal / Viettel Solutions representative said it was noted that the vaccination points were missing. The reason is that the import of vaccination points on the system is responsible for, and when the vaccination speed is accelerated, the update process may not be completed. On the page reflects the additional information Add "Other" options in the injection site section. Users choose this item without finding their vaccination points.Theo Viettel Solutions, the accessibility of vaccination information will be available on the electronic health book application on September 15. Meanwhile, this app on Android has not received updates.

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