Elon Musk Announced The Robot Like Tesla Bot

Elon Musk said Tesla is producing humanoid robots, operating with artificial intelligence Ai.Theo Bloomberg, at the Ai Day event of Tesla on the morning of August 20 (Vietnam time), Elon Musk announced Tesla robot model Bot in human shape. Ai Day is where Tesla engineers introduce new technologies and recruit talented talents.elon Musk announced the Tesla Bot robot model. Photo: Tesla Inc with Tesla Bot robot model, Musk marked a new step in the field of science fiction: humanoid robots are designed to support people in everyday life

. Tesla Bot model will be released In 2022. The robot model is designed to carry out "dangerous, repeated and boring jobs" instead of humans. "In the future, with the appearance of robots, people will have the right to choose Doing or not these hard work, "Musk said
" Tesla is the world's largest robot fabrication company. Basically, Tesla cars are the robots with wheels ", CEO Tesla added.Tesla does not bring any events of Tesla Bot prototype. Instead, Elon Musk hires a model wearing a page Apparel like a robot and perform the moving dance of the robot. There is no prototype, Musk hired a dancer wearing robot costumes to jump in the event. Photo: Tesla.The Verge said that the launch of humanoid robots It can be doing tasks like Tesla that will be very long to come true. Boston Dynamics, another robot company in the US with famous products so far have not been able to launch Atlas's commercial version. Robots have two legs that the company developed for nearly 10 years. "I won't say that they are meaningless
However, companies like Tesla or Boston Dynamics make high-standing universal users in the ability of robots in the near future, "Carl Berry, professor of robot engineering at Central Lancashire University, he commented. In the past, Musk repeatedly revealed the technology products even when they were only in the form of mere ideas. In November 2017, Tesla launched a Semi truck model at a technology event. Although However, the production has been arrived until 2022 due to technical issues.Tesla wants to speed up the transition of the world to sustainable energy. However, Musk has not revealed the Tesla Bot robot will help Tesla reach How to be targeted.

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