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As a genuine Wearstreet fashion followers, surely you can't ignore Embellish - a nomination from Southern California, America.0: 00/3: 13 namembelish domains are insisted by many celebrities. Men's Embellish page started in business since 2014. Men's fashion brand Embellish is a high-end WearStreet-oriented brand with inspiration from traditional denim material. Lee Ramirez and Chris Ngo have lost more than 15 years of accumulating experience, research and learning from the "big men" in the fashion industry to get the idea to bring the first product to the community in 2014

. Products Embellish is the coming from the needs of a young part of the community in the community, the passionate boys of rap, hiphop and dusty style and personality. With ambition to lift this street fashion to a new height, Chris and Ramirez have focused on creating and improving fashion-based fashion product lines as Denim. The design of Embellish's healthy denim pants "Denim is a map where everyone has and most people have more than 2 types of outfits made from denim
We focus on denim because it is not a seasonal item. Denim can be sold all year round and when we realize this, we spent the past 8 years to constantly develop and improve their denim. From fabric, structure, details and to each contour, we really feel as if we are creating one of the best in their ability "- Chris Ngo, CEO of Embellish Share in An interview in Forbes magazine July / 2020.embelish Aiming to No. 1 About World Denim GlobalBellish is insisted by many celebrities in the world, especially with many NBA stars like Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas and d'Angelo Russell often wear their designs in their daily life, or even at international and regional areas .Bellish - the liberality of AmericaMBellish towards time The page of the active young people, personality and modernity. Embellish costumes are the crystallization between personality and class of the NGO, the CEO of the Embellish brand ever affirmed: "We invest in people, not Italian idea. Embellish doesn't judge anyone when unknown their story. We respect the differences, civilization and even the bizarre of the individual. "Global denim fashion brand Number 1 people leading the Embellish all growing up from poverty, all started independently and Emerging into the business path very early, so changing his life, turning his own dreams to become the biggest motivation to help them determine to bring Embellish to become the leading denim fashion brand as shown At
"I grew up in poverty, and I won't come back to that. I want to build sustainable wealth in each generation. I don't want your child to go through what I have suffered. The poverty and grew up thanks to the benefits are always important factors that motivate me never poor. My mother is a garment worker, about theory, my current job and mother are the same, however, the difference is that I own a private brand, belonging to me. Ramirez is the same, we are both self-employed, do not receive any assistance or support in resources or manpower. Everything we have created by themselves themselves. And I also want to build Embellish for such people, cheering the independence and the bravery of every man when wearing our costumes. " - Chris Ngo, Embellish's CEO shared. Personality and unique EMBELLISH pants have an average price of 100-160 $ Brand information: https://www.instagram.com/embellishnyc/

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